Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spin Cycle: Easter

Easter has always been  family holiday.  We do the traditional dying of eggs with the boys and have the grands over for a meal--be it breakfast or dinner. It's a nice day for us to remember family and relax. 
Some of our Easters past:
2008--the last year before Bruiser was around.
Turbo is 4 here.

Egg hunting

Basket from Papa and Nana.
Garden tools.
Easter at Papa and Nana's

First Easter he was mobile.
Dying eggs.
This year we will dye eggs with the boys and then have a breakfast with the grands. The rest of the day is a day to enjoy being lazy.
What do you do for Easter?
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  1. Such a fun holiday to celebrate with family. Happy Easter!

  2. I so enjoy Easter! Really nice to see pics of your boys on Easters past. We're having a Good Friday Fish & Chips supper with all of the family. Easter Sunday we'll go to church and out for brunch. Then Easter Dinner will be that night with my sister & her family. So looking forward to it all! :)

  3. Our kids will be at their other parents house this weekend :( we're doing easter at noon but it kinda bums me out!

  4. Love how your are able to enjoy time as a family with traditions!

  5. Isn't it amazing how much they've grown?! And Papa and Nana are serious about their Easter booty!

  6. I'm getting ready to dye eggs with my girls this afternoon. It's always so much fun! Happy Easter!

  7. We usually dye eggs the night before and then the Easter Bunny comes while the kids are sleeping. We get up and go to Church and then have a family get together at the park!

  8. We'll be dyeing eggs this afternoon. My 3 boys are 15, 11 and 9. I keep waiting for them to be "too old" to dye eggs. But I'll enjoy it as long as I can.


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