Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spin Cycle--Mannerly

Oh boy, manners.  Something that is kind of lacking in this day and age.  Oh, some people have manners, but most don't really exercise them as much as they should.
We started with our boys early with please and thank you.  The grandparents have had a large role in fostering the please and thank you routine in our kids.It is rather cute to have a three year old lisp please and they can be a forceful in reminding you to say thank you, or bless you after a sneeze.
I will admit, they lack on the table manners somewhat, but we don't eat at a table all that often.  It really is something we should work on. Our boys tend to make lots of meals finger food.  That one reflects on us.  Not that we eat with our fingers when we shouldn't, but that we really haven't enforced the rules.  Kids do learn by imitation and constant nagging reminders.
Manners come in other areas too. I think they go hand in hand with consideration.  Being considerate will lead to good, or at least better, manners.
Clearly, we are not manner nazis.  But we are trying to raise civilized boys.  Girls kind of prefer the boys who are caveman like, so we are trying.
What is your take on manners?
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  1. I've worked really hard to get my girls to eat with a fork and spoon! They would prefer to eat everything with their fingers, too. They are not as good about saying please and thank you, especially to their parents!

  2. When we go to a restaurant, Jude is a perfect little gentleman. But at home? Yikes! He's like your guys, he'd rather use his fingers. Caveman!


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