Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Anti Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list, I've talked about mine a few times. But what about the anti bucket list?  You knw, those things you never ever ever want to do.  Or maybe do again? I can come up with some of those.
  1. Sky diving.  Looks exciting, but I feel the plane is perfectly good, why jump out?
  2. Eat liver.  Gross when I was growing up, and I know my palate hasn't changed enought o ever ever like liver.
  3. Bungy jumping.  OK, so this isn't as popular as it once was, but it's still not for me.
  4. Travel with extended family.  I love Nick's parents dearly, but I will not travel long distances with them again. Met them there? Sure, but not get there with them.
  5. Polar bear plunge, ice swimming, or anything which requires me to get into freezing cold water.  I have a hard time staying warm and purposefully getting into cold water sounds stupid.
  6. Dive with great white sharks.  I do want to go scuba diving at least once, but not so much with the big sharks.  Watching them on TV is close enough thanks.
  7. Backpack anywhere.  I am not set up to sleep on the ground any more. To carry enough stuff so I could sleep remotely comfortably would require an extra me. So I'm content to camp with our camper and go on hikes.
  8. Visit the Amazon.  It's the jungle and there's all those bugs.  Full body shiver. I really don't like things with more than four legs.  Again, here is a place I'm quite happy to visit via TV.
  9. Run a marathon.  Not a fan of running, but I run for exercise.  I don't think I'll ever run a race.  Just not that into running.
  10. Read Jane Erye again.  I slogged through it in high school and it didn't really catch my interest.  
  11. Go back to high school.  Kind of why I have not attended any of my high school reunions.
  12. Visit Las Vegas.  We probably will end up there again, but truly, I can think of so many places we want to go more. Since gambling isn't our thing, and we aren't way into night life, Las Vegas holds little appeal.
  13. Run with the bulls or ride a bull. Those are big animals and the injury quotient is far to high.
Well that's 13 things that I will never do--or do willingly. What would be on your anti-bucket list?


  1. Those are all on my bucket list - LOL!

  2. Yeah, I can't say many of these float my boat - I'm with you on most of them! I always used to say I wanted to bungee jump, but I think I'd chicken out. As I get older, it sounds less appealing. lol And sleeping on the ground... nope, definitely not. This girl needs at least a few creature comforts!

  3. I love this list. I agree with you pretty much on everything but visiting the Amazon. I'd love to go sometime. My Anti-bucket list would include Sleep in a Haunted House. I'm the world's biggest chicken. It just would NOT happen!!

  4. I could put all of those things on my list, too, except visiting Vegas. I don't enjoy it as much as I did when I was younger, but every few years, I get the itch. We're going this year.


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