Friday, April 25, 2014

Ahh Friday!

So welcome are you this week, Friday!  It's been a long and interesting week.
On to the confessions:
  • Having Turbo gone this week has been interesting.
  • I've missed him at very odd times--like waking him up in the morning.
  • Thullee has missed him too.
  • That dog will just about burst out of his skin when Turbo comes home tonight.
  • Bruiser has been basking in the center of attention.
  • He has been hyper animated and mostly exhausting to us.
  • Blogger has been annoying recently.
  • It keeps claiming that I'm not following any blogs and helpfully tells me how to add blogs I want to follow.
  • Like I'm some kind of newbie.
  • Multiple refreshes later, wow, you are following blogs after all.
  • Lovely.
  • I think tonight, after retrieving Turbo, it will be chocolate beer time.
  • I love me some chocolate beer.
  • Ready for this week to be over--come on Going Home Time!
So what's on your plate for this Friday--the last one in April.  Where is the time going?


Jill said...

That Blogger issue seems to happen to me regularly - refresh, refresh, refresh - BAM! You follow blogs again! Have fun welcoming Turbo home tonight :)

Brittney, Breaking Free said...

What is chocolate beer???
I started a whole new blog I couldnt get my old one to do right so now I am a newbie YIKES

WW said...

That happens to me all the time on Blogger. And then I inadvertently deleted my blog list from my blog, when I tried to add by clicking the ones I was following, it never adds them. So, I've been slowly adding them by URL, which is taking a long time.
I wish they would fix it, it's very annoying.

Angie said...

Blogger drives me crazy doing that too!

What is chocolate beer and why have I never tried it?

Our Friday was laid back and spent at home.


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