Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday With the Randoms

Hey Tuesday, good to see you!  Nice to have Monday out of the way for this week. Now shall we get random?
  • Turbo is figuring out his phone.  Nick and I keep getting fun and sometimes interesting texts from him as he learns to text with a regular cell phone key pad.
  • We had homemade pork fried rice last night. The boys loved it and gobbled it up without complaints.  Turbo even took the leftovers (after claiming them before he finished his second plate) for lunch today. Amazing what a bit of soy sauce with do.
  • I love this:
  • Also this from Grumpy Cat:
  • Swim lessons tonight and a chance to work out again. Kind of looking forward to it, kind of not.  It's exercise.
  • I so wish that wine was a weight loss aid.
  • We have snow this morning--not enough to stick, but it is falling out of the sky.  Gotta love "spring" in Wyoming. Shortest season of the year.
  • What I could really use is some time here with cute cabana boys to bring me fruity frivolous drinks.
 What is your dream right now?
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  1. lol Funny you ask what my dream is right now, that's what my whole blog post is about today... dreaming of sweets!! Lent can end any day now!! ;)

  2. I love getting texts from Princess Nagger - she's quite the card, as I imagine Turbo is in his texts to you! ;)

    Thanks for being a loyal Randomizer each week! I big puffy heart you! :)

    The Car Line and Crazy Scheduling: Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel


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