Wednesday, April 16, 2014

FAQ at the Jones House

Frequently Asked Questions around our house:
  1. What can I do?  Frequently combined with I'm bored.  They never really want the suggestions I give them, such as clean your room, read a book, go clean up after the dogs, clean up the attic/playroom.  Yeah, chores are not what they are looking for.
  2. Can I play video games?  This is what they really mean when they say they are bored. sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes the answer is no.  The no answer happens more often than they would like.
  3. What's for dinner? the response to this question is met with varying degrees of enthusiasm.  If asked by me to Nick a discussion of what to actually have will ensue.  Meal planning has reduced the drama this used to cause.  If asked by one of the boys to me, well the response could be yum, I like that or yuck!  Bruiser is far pickier than Turbo right now.  Making a meal that he approves of and that the rest of us will eat is challenging.
  4. Can I have a snack?  This one depends on the proximity to a meal. Bruiser will ask for a snack right after finishing breakfast or lunch.  The kid would snack all day if we let him.
  5. Where are we going?  Often asked when we head out for road trips.  If I'm feeling ornery I'll tell the boys we are going crazy and they don't have a choice, they're coming with me.  Other times we make them guess, and sometimes we just say enjoy the ride.
  6. What movie do we want to watch?  This one causes much drama.  Bruiser doesn't like "scary" movies, Turbo likes a wide variety, I have moods about movies and Nick will watch anything, as long as it's not been watched too recently. Sometimes we tell Bruiser to just deal with the movie selected.  Often, he will start playing with his toys about 15-20 minutes in anyway.
  7. Where is my....? Fill in the blank.  The guys lose stuff all the time.  They are also less than effective at finding things.  Mom to the rescue more often than not.  Mom has amazing abilities to find the lost stuff.
  8. What's the weather supposed to be like today?  Often asked by Nick, before he checks his phone on his own, recently asked by Turbo so he can gauge what to wear to school.
  9. Will you make...? Turbo has been asking for Lo Mein for dinner, but both boys will ask me to make things like banana bread, strawberries and cream, chicken with the bone in it. It's gratifying to know they mostly like what I cook.
  10. And most recently from Bruiser: Why do I have to go to bed, it's not dark yet?! This one will be harder to answer as the days get longer.  We may invoke more nap times this summer, cause the kid is cranky without his sleep. He tries so hard to keep up with Turbo.
So there are some of the frequently asked questions around our house.  Do you get the same questions?  Or do you get other equally frequent questions?


  1. I get a lot of those questions. My kids hate what I cook though none of them will touch a veggie. Its so frustrating!

  2. I've heard my niece & nephew ask a lot of these questions... and I can recall asking many of them myself, which I'm sure drove my mom nuts! In fact, I can still be heard asking "what's for dinner?" and begging her to make certain things... I guess some things never change! ;)

  3. Between my three kids, I hear these a lot. The most common around here is "Where is _________________" and it's usually being asked by my Husband. The man can't find anything!


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