Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Randomly Random

Or maybe not so random.  I do have Easter stuff to tell, the whole weekend and then a random bit of stuff.  Let's get on with it:
  • Our weekend was wonderful.  We smoked ribs on Saturday.  They came out awesome.  We had friends over for dinner and it was a really good time. Our first use of the backyard and deck.  Makes me really want to have it be nice here.
  • Saturday morning the boys dyed eggs:

  • And that night, after the company left, we set out baskets and put the eggs out for the bunny to hide.  When the boys got up, the bunny had eaten the carrots and hid all the eggs.  The bunny also hid the baskets, the bunny got a little hide happy. The grandparents came over for breakfast and a nice morning was had by all.

  • The rest of Sunday was quiet.  It was nice but windy here so indoor activities were best.  Nick and I watched some classic movies and lazed around.  It was a great way to end the weekend.
  • Although I did have to get Turbo packed for his trip to the Teton Science School.  All the fifth graders at his school are headed up there today for a four day visit and learning experience. His packed bag was due at school yesterday, he was due at school to load the buses at 5:45am.  It was a really early morning this morning.
  • We will see Turbo again Friday night, with hopefully good time tales and dirty laundry. He was pretty excited to go and looking forward to a good time.
  • Bruiser ended out his first run through swim lessons by making it to level 3.  We get to do another run at swim lessons in June.  He's so very proud of himself.
  • Nick and I just need to figure out when we will be going to exercise.  Without the lessons, we must find kid care of some sort.  We will manage.
  • Nick and I did take yesterday as a mental health day.  I made banana bread in the morning, took Bruiser to school and then we went for a drive to the mountains. WE checked out the snow (lots still) and stopped and had lunch at the Beartree Tavern in the tiny town of Centennial Wyoming. Had a very good pizza to share. So nice to be adults now and then--makes us better parents.
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  1. Mental health days are so worth it sometimes. I don't usually take full days but will clock out a bit early and go home to get things done. It's rewarding and makes me feel productive. (Think I may go home and mow my lawn today.)


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