Friday, April 18, 2014

Confess Sessh

Time to do a little bit of confessing. After all it is Friday and Easter is speeding toward us at an alarming rate.
  • I swam again last night.
  • It Felt pretty good.
  • Now if only it would help the hips reduce.
  • Turbo leaves on Tuesday/
  • We have a lot of packing to do this weekend.
  • The Easter Bunny is totally not ready for his visit.
  • Hopefully we can remedy that this afternoon.
  • It's tough to think of things to get kids when they aren't asking for anything.
  • Well, except for things the Easter Bunny can't bring--like Lego Death Stars.
  • Our weather has been improving--but I know it will snow again--probably a couple more times at least.
  • There have been flying objects around our house:
The blur with lights is the helicopter in front of Nick.
  •  He doesn't do too bad with the flying, but sometimes you do need to dodge.
  • Im thinking we need a drive out of town soon.  
  • I might just have Nick take us for a drive Sunday afternoon.
  • We will most likely see plenty of snow, but the drive will do us good.
Other than Easter, do you have any plans for the weekend?  Or is Easter stuff all you want to do?


  1. if it snowed again here id be devastated I live in the south for a reason LOL!

    Happy Easter!

  2. We had a cold snap for a couple of days this year. It was weird! We're back in the upper 70's now though. Easter plan - drive to my mom's for dinner after church (about a 45 min. drive, so not far). No other plans except a playoff game Sunday night.

  3. I pray we see no more snow. My heart couldn't take it. Our weekend has been full of camping and Easter festivities!


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