Wednesday, April 9, 2014

33 Things That Make Me Happy

Some times I have a hard time remembering the things that I have to be happy about.  This is a list that I need to keep in mind.  Things that make me happy.
  1. Impulsive boy hugs.
  2. Little boy snuggles.
  3. Hearing "I Pooped!" from Bruiser (Like you have no idea).
  4. Road trips.
  5. Swim Lessons.
  6. Routines.
  7. Warm Sunshine.
  8. Girl's Nights
  9. A new book from a favorite author.
  10. Time to read a book.
  11. A warm bed.
  12. New pajamas
  13. A dinner 100% of the family likes.
  14. New Big Bang Theory Episodes.
  15. LOL Cats.
  16. Camping trips.
  17. The first shower after a camping trip.
  18. The greeting Thullee give us when we come home, get up in the morning, sometimes leave the room and come back. Full body wiggles and a toy in the mouth so he can sing us his song of loneliness.
  19. Seeing the fun the boys have creating forts.
  20. Friday at going home time.
  21. A clean kitchen.
  22. Baked goods.
  23. Nap time, for me.
  24. A good night's sleep.
  25. Good music.
  26. Time hanging out with friends.
  27. A comfy chair to read in.
  28. A snuggly blanket--I get cold all the time, even in summer.
  29. Shopping, any kind--thrift store, clearance, sales, house stuff, kid stuff, Christmas-really any shopping, even window shopping.
  30. Movie Nights, themed or not.
  31. A good beer or glass of wine after a long day.
  32. Knowing that phone upgrade time is the end of the month. We both really need an upgrade from the phones we have right now.  So knowing upgrade time is coming is nice.
  33. These guys make me very happy:
Yeah, that's a good list to keep in mind.  What makes you happy?


  1. Great list! I share many with you! A warm blanket (since I'm now cold all the time too), movie nights, GOING HOME TIME ON FRIDAY! AHHHH!, and in one year's time, my contract will finally be up and I can upgrade my phone... another whole year... ugh!

  2. I would have to agree with Jill! Great list! and many of them would be on mine to.

  3. Lots of those things would be on my happy list, too! Great reminder to remember the things that make us happy.


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