Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Time to Random

Cause it's Tuesday!  So let's random!
  • I got to see the eclipse last night.  Gotta love the middle of the night bathroom trips.  At least with this one I got to see the moon looking all dark and stuff.
Not my picture, but about what the moon looked like last night when I saw it.
  •  My toe is a wonderful rainbow of colors.  Most likely broken, and causing me to hobble around and generally curse beer bottles. Swimming might be intersting tonight.
  • We spent last evening watching old movies.  From the 1930s.  Short mystery movies. We've got 50 of them to get through.  We borrowed a set from Nick's dad. Nick and I really like watching old movies.  Classics of you will, in the sense that these are old, not so much that they are great examples of cinema. But we find them fun. The kids don't really care for them--they are black and white and not funny so it's a no go for them.
  • I need some really good chocolate.  Maybe I should ask the Easter Bunny to bring me the really good dark chocolate turtles.
  • And some wine to go with them.
  • This:
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  1. I forgot about the moon and I woke up several times last night because of the storm!

  2. I forgot about the moon, too. I even had a middle of the night trip to the washroom and forgot to look. Shoot!

    Oh, I'm not counting on the Easter Bunny. I'm making sure I have my own stash of chocolate on Easter morning because I seriously can't wait for a taste of it!!!

  3. I stayed up late in the hopes that I could snag some pictures of the moon, but after a week of crystal clear gorgeous weather, Mother Nature decided to roll in the clouds last night of all nights. You'd think she would have been kind enough to hold off a few hours, but NO, Mother Nature is a Biatch. ;) Glad you got to witness it with your own two eyes! :)

    UGH on the potentially broken toe - been there, done that. Shattered the bone in my big toe after I dropped a clay pot full of marble rocks on it. I think I'd rather it have been a beer bottle. Nothing they can do - I did get Xrays to confirm the damage, and all they wanted to do was put a cotton ball between the big toe and next toe, then tape them together. I didn't like having them taped, so I just opted to wear a ballet slipper until I was able to wear normal shoes again. Not fun, you poor thing!!

    Oooh, yes, definitely ask the Easter Bunny for good chocolate and wine! That will make your toe feel better, too. ;)


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