Monday, April 7, 2014

Not Ready For Monday and MMMM

I'm really not ready for Monday.  We had a busy weekend adn lots of fun, but I could use a day to sleep. All right, I would really sleep the whole thing away, but it sounds nice.
Friday night we hung out with the kiddos and made them watch Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III.  Nick and I have issues with Jurassic Park Two. It was just too awful to even own. We made home made calzones and had a pretty nice evening.
Saturday dawned early--the dog thought that getting up at 6 was a fabulous idea.  I was less impressed with the idea. We got the normal chores out of the way and then cleaned house.  We were having company over and it was time to shake the winter dust off everything.  Our house looked great when we were done.
We took the kids and dogs to the park, even though it kept trying to snow on us.

We had a cousin over for a sleep over and our friends came over for dinner.  Grilled BBQ Chicken legs and thighs.  Dinner was oh, so good.
We vegged out on Sunday.  Papa had a birthday lunch we all went to and then I took a nap while Nick brewed beer. The boys played video games and we didn't do a whole lot else. It was a really good weekend.

Now for MMMM:  This week the theme is Songs about weather or with weather in the titles.
The Eurythmics: Here Comes the Rain Again

Joe Nichols: Sunny and 75

Scorpions: Winds of Change

So there is a rather eclectic selection of weather songs for this chilly Monday. We woke up to snow on the ground.  Not lots but enought o make every thing slick.  Fun, no?


  1. Excellent and my fave Eurythmics tracks ;-)

  2. Me, I'm always ready for Monday. I rarely work Mondays, so I'm the opposite of the majority. I love Mondays!

  3. Great choices. SOme I had totally forgotten about.

    The Eurythmics! Whoo...

  4. Glad you had a fun and adventurous weekend. I know what you mean about wanting a day to rest after all the fun though :)

    Thanks for rocking the music hop!

    Enjoy your week.

  5. Eurythmics' Here Comes the Rain Again is great song to dance to this morning! Scorpions' Winds of Change is a nice tune. Excellent picks to start the week off. Sorry for dancing late, but yesterday was hectic with doctor appointments ~ all is well, though. Have a tunestastic week!

  6. sounds like you need an extra day between sun & mon lol jam packed weekend :)

  7. Sounds like a really nice weekend! I have one of those jam-packed weekends coming up... first one I've had in a long time, and even though it's all fun things, I'm kind of dreading the fact that there will be little time to relax and veg. I'm already looking ahead to Easter weekend, it's much more low-key and that's the way I like 'em!

  8. A really nice mixture here! Luvin' them all! A few I haven't heard in a while too! YOu're definitely rockin' the house! Thanks for joining us. Sorry I'm so late. My cable has been out.

  9. Sounds like a nice weekend. We went camping this weekend and it was pretty much a disaster. You win some and you lose some I guess!


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