Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Follies

Or confessions, whichever.
Made it through another week.  Friday is here.  Now to make it to going home time and all will be well with the universe. Or our little corner of it.
Confession time:
  • We get a night out tonight!
  • Boys are going to the grandparents.
  • For an over night.
  • We are going to run away.
  • Sort of.
  • We are heading to the bigger town 45 minutes away form our town.
  • We are going to hit Home Depot to look at kitchen faucets and possibly gas stoves.
  • The gas stove is a window shop sort of thing.
  • We really want one, but it's not yet in the budget.
  • We are getting a snow storm this weekend.
  • Yep, more snow for us.
  • I sort of swam this week for exercise.
  • I don't have a cap or goggles, so I was limited to kicking, breast stroke and side stroke. 
  • Got a decent work out though, about 700 yards.
  • Turbo moved up to level 8 and Bruiser will test to move up to level 3 next week. 
  • They're fish, slippery, fast learning fish.
  • Easter is creeping up very quickly.
  • We are not too sure what we are doing for the boys for Easter.
  • Oh, the bunny will come, but what he brings is still up in the air.
  • I started reading Dan Brown's Inferno.
  • It's holding my interest, but he goes off on exploratory tangents that really interrupt the story.
  • I find myself skimming the back story.  
  • I'll pay more attention on the re-read.
So what's up with you? Got anything to confess?


  1. That's cool you get to go shopping without kids. Sometimes we don't see a movie on our date day but shop instead. It's fun!

  2. have fun on your night out :)

    Oh man I could not deal with more cold its 80 today just like I like it.

  3. I can't imagine getting more snow. I've already shifted to full summer mode!

    Enjoy your night out :)

  4. I'm joining your Friday Confessional this week. My week has been very trying and I'm so glad it's over, I really needed to vent.


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