Friday, April 27, 2012

It's Friday, Let's Confess!

It's Friday!  I'm oh so happy it's Friday!  Now to get to going home time.  One way to pass the time, Confessions with Mamarazzi.

  • We did it.
  • No, not that!
  • We got smart phones yesterday.
  • The phone does more than I do.
  • I'm a bit a lot intimidated by the darn thing.
  • But we are now full fledged members of the smart phone carrying public.
  • Now I just have to figure out how to use the silly thing.
  • I'm a bit sad.
  • My baby is growing up.
  • He's three now and getting so big.
  • Although, if I'm being honest, I don't really miss the baby stage.
  • Especially Bruiser's baby stage.
  • I still have nightmares about certain aspects of Bruiser's baby times.
  • There has been a request for me to chaperon a field trip for Turbo's class.
  • I'm going to go, if there is not a major conflict with Nick's schedule.
  • An entire day with 60+ third graders.
  • Sounds like a fabulous time.
  • Turbo really wants me to go.
  • To Denver, to the Natural History Museum.
  • It could be a good time.
  • Anyone want to go with us?
Well that about covers me for this week.  Now I can head into the weekend with a clear conscience.  If you want a clear conscience for the weekend, head over to Mamarazzi's place and link up your confessions.



  1. I only recently (November) got a real smart phone and now I live the thing! What did you go with?

  2. Love, not live. Ugh! Friday morning typos.

  3. I didn't even know what a smartphone was until I googled it. Man,am I behind.

  4. We don't have smart phones! Still in the old standard phone. I hope to change that this summer!

  5. Enjoy your smart phone!! What kind did you get? I would not trade my iPhone for anything!

  6. Welcome to 2012!!! :) What kind of phone did you get? We have T-mobile and we got the Samsung Galaxy 2 I really love it. I keep trying to convince my parents to get it because their phone stinks, but they are so stubborn!

  7. FIELD TRIP! I would totally go. :D

    And congrats on joining the SmartPhone crowd. I haven't taken the leap yet, but they seem like very handy things to have.

  8. i want a smart phone but can't afford the calling plan

  9. ooooh a smartphone...once you are playing games like draw something and word feud then we will all know you are a

    thanks for linking up!

  10. you are so lucky to get a smart phone have lots of fun a smart phone is on my list of things I want

    have a great day
    come visit us at

  11. Yea for the new phone! I love mine in a deep and slightly embarrassing way. I vote GO on the field trip. Apparently, these boys only want us along on these for a few more years. Don't miss the opportunity!

  12. I just recently got a smart phone, I love mine!! I don't know if I could ever got without it now!


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