Friday, April 20, 2012

I confess...

...that it is Friday and it's time to confess.  So here I go:
  • I'm jealous.
  • Nick is going to Long Beach for a conference.
  • I'm staying here.
  • With the boys.
  • Nick better bring me back something good.
  • Something shiny and sparkly would be nice.
  • I think I'm dying my hair this weekend.
  • A reddish brown again.
  • I got a haircut and it was straightened after the cut.
  • The guys always like that, even if it only lasts the evening.
  • I almost have my laundry done.
  • I was home with Bruiser yesterday.
  • I couldn't stand the whining from the laundry so I shut it up.
  • The towels are still in the dryer, but I can't hear them so they don't count.
  • The vacuum is getting loud but it just gets to wait.
  • I'm a mean mommy.
  • I don't believe Bruiser when he tells me he's starving.
  • Such a mean mom.
  • It is sort of cute to hear a three year old insist he's starving though.
Well that has it for my confessions.  Go see Mamarazzi for more confessions, just don't take McDonald's with you, you could get hurt.



  1. That is kinda cute. My 3 year old tells me all the time he's starving and it's usually after lunch or dinner....hmmm??

    Must be nice going to long beach this time of year! :)
    I need to dye my hair thanks for the reminder!
    Have a great weekend

  2. I got my hair straightened once and I liked it but could never do it on my own all the time. Too much work!

  3. aw too bad you can't go with him. hope he does bring back somethig nice and safe travels for him

  4. Ahh, I love when my hair's straightened, but it take so long to do it myself, I only do it for special occasions.

    3 year olds insisting their starving is very cute. My 3-year-old niece does it. It only drives me nuts when she does it about half an hour after meal time. "Jilly, I'm hungry, I wanna snack." BUT YOU JUST ATE!! lol

  5. I'm a mean mom too...never believe the kids when they're starving.


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