Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tuesday and Random

So, hello lovelies!  It's Tuesday masquerading as a Monday here.  Joy.  The long weekend was nice and relaxing for us.  We didn't do much.  We had grand plans that the weather and health crushed. None of us was dreadfully sick, but there were lots of stuffy noses and not well stomachs.
Anyway, on to the random:
  • As the anniversary of my Mom's passing approaches, I find myself thinking of her at the oddest of times.  Little things remind me of her and bring it back that I will never do, see or experience those things with her again. It makes me sad and depressed.  But I still have my friends and family who will do what they can to keep me occupied and distracted.
  • Into the second week of school.  Turbo should be dealing with homework and Bruiser is happy with his teacher and will also be bringing home work. The routine is falling into place again.
  • In other good news we may have a bite from a buyer for my mom's house.  I really hope so as getting it sold would close out the last parts of my mom's estate and that would be one less hassle and some of the stress off our plate. 
  • There's not much else rolling around my random brain today so there you go.
Join in on the random fun  with  Stacy.


  1. Mom died sixteen years ago, and I'm still having flashbacks at the oddest times. It never really goes away; you just learn to live with it.

  2. Glad you guys weren't more sick - hope you're all feeling right as rain soon! :)

    My hubby has days that are harder than others - I suspect as we approach the 6th anniversary of his dad's passing (October 19th) he'll have some off days. He still has those days about his mother's passing (which was many many years go, when he was 18). I'm sure having your mom's estate closed out will also help with the healing process - closure, if you will. Here's hoping the buyer comes through for you!

    This is the first week of school for the kids - Little Dude started yesterday, and Princess Nagger starts her Virtual Academy adventure today - both kids won't have any homework until next week, so this is pretty much a free-for-all week. I'm actually looking forward to when they get assignments and homework to fully solidify the regular schedule! LOL! :)

    Thanks for being such an awesome Randomizer every week - you ROCK!! :)


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