Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Random Stuff

Well, here I am again after a bit of a step away.  Let's random!
  • OK, so I have not been the most diligent of bloggers recently.  I need to find my mojo again, I think. This last year has been so off for me. I think I just kind of curled up and hid after my mother died.  Not really, but my blog dedication has suffered. Time to heave myself up and get on with life.
  • In other news, Turbo has hit 8th grade and seems to be doing OK so far.  Bruiser is settling into 2nd grade well.  That's a relief.
  • Last week I got to go to a get together where we made cards for Halloween.  It was the first time I ever used stamps.  It was fun and I got three cute cards out of it:

  • It was nice to get my creative juices flowing again.  Now I am a bit more motivated to get my scrap book room up and organized so I have a space to do some scrapping again.
  • I really need to get back on the exercise routine.  It will be a goal for October.  I'm thinking I need to start setting myself some mini goals for the month and see what I can do to acheive them.  Must think on this more.
That's a wrap.
Join in on the random fun  with  Stacy.


  1. I need to get some mini goals too! I have no real projects scheduled, even though my house could definitely use some work in certain areas. Most of it is stuff my husband has to do, then I can do finishing touches. And workouts have become a bit sporadic thanks to holidays, guests, and now a nasty cold. Hoping October is a little more of the back to normal routine.

  2. I can understand pulling away from blogging. Sometimes life just gets in the way. If I couldn't write at work, I may never do it. Glad you're back and doing some creative stuff too.


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