Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear Someone...

Dear Scrapbooks
Hoping to see you soon.  Maybe we can have a date this weekend.  I am so far behind.  Getting caught up is not going to happen but getting something done might.  I won't make a promise cause, you know, life tends to get in the way, but I'm going to try to see you this weekend.
Slacking Scrapper

Dear Turbo
I think you might have figured out this school thing.  Good for you.  Now all you have to do is figure out the reading thing.  Work hard at it and keep up the good work on the behavior thing.
Proud Mommy

Dear Bruiser
I know you want to do what Turbo does but walls and such are hard and unyeilding.  They cause bumps when your head meets them at high speeds.  Just saying.  And using your teeth to help in climbing back up on the couch is inventive but I'm not sure the couch arm can take to much of it.  We might need to come up with another activity for you to do.
Nervous Mommy

Dear Backsteps,
You didn't have to be so slick this morning.  My butt did not need to meet you up close and personal.  I know you had that nice fresh layer of new snow but really.  I know you were laughing at the slide and crash I had.  You will be fixed this summer.  I'm siccing my husband on you.  Ask the inside stairs what happened when I fell down them.  You are so history.
The Injured Party.


  1. My scrapbooking supplies have a layer of dust on them that's AT LEAST 2" thick.....

  2. My baby tries to keep up with the others too. She's a girl, so I constantly feel the need to tell her brothers to go easy on her, but then I think..."hey, she asked for it".
    Ooooh scrapbooking...hopefully by the time I have time to do it, I won't be too senile to remember what was going on in the pictures!

  3. Ouch hope your butt feels better soon!

  4. This is cute...really liked it...those steps can be heck when they're slick. Doesn't it crack you up when the little ones bang their heads thinking they are hurting you?!

  5. Oh no. I read your first letter and started sweating, my scrapbooking hasn't been worked on in forever! I feel like a complete loser.

  6. OUCH!! hope your booty feels better soon!

    i am not a scrapbooker. i use to think i was and collected a ton of stuff and its still sitting in the closet. i should host a giveaway or something for it all.


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