Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dear Someone...

Shortmama at Family of Shorts hosts Letters to someone.  You can be nice, snarky, or just vent if that's what you need.  Just link up with her to let those who need to know, how you feel.

Dear Nick,
Love you lots.  Thanks for being on my side.  I'm sorry the sinus bug has come to visit you.  Hope you feel better soon.
Your loving wifey

Dear Turbo-
Way to go at school!  We knew you could act like a decent kid.  You may have lost the swimming privilege but getting your work done and showing you can do it is great.  You get that date with Boomerang tonight, so keep up the good work.
Proud Mommy

Dear Bruiser,
I know you can sleep.  However, you need to do it every night.  I know that is asking for a lot but really, sleeping every night is necessary so Mommy doesn't go off the deep end.  Let's work on this one. 
Love you,
Very Tired Mommy

Dear Neighbor Lady,
After the dog thing, calling and crying about your life, husband and stuff to Nick was very not cool.  We don't need to get involved in your drama (or Divorce).  Let's just back off for a while and see how things work out for you.  We have enough crazy in the family, we don't need it from our friends.
Hope you work things out soon.
The Retreating Neighbors.


  1. Still with the crazy neighbor? Eeek. I still say a fence would do you guys some good.

    What's with Bruiser not sleeping? I seem to recall LG doing the same thing around the age of 1. Then we gave in to a bad habit of getting up and snuggling him back to sleep and it got all sorts of out of control. Bad memory. Sorry you have to go through this

  2. The sinus bug got me over here fun at all!

  3. I agree, totally not cool neighbor lady.


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