Friday, February 5, 2010

Pet Peeves--Spin Cycle

Jen at Sprite's Keeper is spinning up some pet peeves this week.  Everyone has their triggers.  You know, those things that aren't enough to really torque you off but that annoy you enough to drive you nuts.

Nick could probably list several about me.  A few I know of:
  • I never throw away the bags from things we buy.
  • I "shrink" his clothes in the wash.
  • I have to have lots of covers to sleep.
  • There are more I'm sure but he hasn't expressed them to me.

Things he does that annoy me (but I just let go in the interest of peace in the house):
  • Puts the toilet paper roll on so it rolls off the bottom.  I'm not sure how many times I've sat in the dark and rolled and rolled looking for the end while it piled up on the floor.  Now I just turn it over.  At least he changes out the used roll.
  • Leaves dirty socks where ever he took them off.  Unfortunately Turbo is picking up on this habit.  The socks are rarely in a bunch, just dropped where he was sitting when he took them off.
  • The way he cleans.  He does not go through piles unless forced.  He will, however, move those piles out of sight.  I have lost more things when he cleans.  (We still don't know where he put Turbo's portable DVD player after the last cleaning jag.)
  • He makes plans then neglects to tell me until the last minute.  Then he insists he told me about it.
I have other pet peeves.  Slow drivers make me nuts.  If you can't go the speed limit, don't drive.  Going slowly to be safer only makes you a hazard to those of us who are going the speed limit.  I'm not talking about going slow for the weather conditions, I'm talking about the drivers going 15-20 in a 30 mph area.  they make me nuts.

I care about the environment but the little environmental dig at the end of programs on Discovery annoys me. Commercials can be annoying to.  There are some that I will immediately change the channel so I don't have to watch them.

Turbo has started adding a y sound to the end of Bruiser's name.  We correct him almost immediately, no y end to his name.  I don't want the poor kid to be cursed with that when he's forty.  Nick is still called Nicky by his family.  Nicknames are fine but not that.

I also have the pet peeve about the whole they're, their, there thing as well as the your, you're thing.  I will admit there have been some blogs that I have read once because the typing and grammer were so bad I could hardly get through them.  I never went back.  I can deal with the occasional typo but constant mistypes and mistakes get hard to read.

Pet peeves are funny.  They can get to be big things if you let them fester, but in the big scheme of things they are really just minor annoyances.  I think that a good relationship is just finding the person who shares your set peeves or has ones you can deal with.

So what makes you crazy or nuts?  If you've got a pet peeve let me know, or go see Jen and spin it up.


  1. The sock thing! Argh! John has a habit of ditching one sock and walking around the house with the other one still on his left foot. It reeks havoc on laundry when I'm folding and I'm left with one FREAKING SOCK. I'm better now. :-)
    You're linked!

  2. That was cool that you put things about you that might irk others. But those kind of things are MUCH more annoying when OTHER peolpe do them, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

  3. Damn, people are reminding me of all of my pet peeves! PB takes his socks off randomly, too. My peeve is that he'll put them in the boys laundry downstairs (which I usually reserve for school bag clean outs, knowing they need to be rinsed before they go into the wash!)

    And slow drivers. Need to pull over. Really.

  4. I am totally with you on the grammar/usage stuff. As a middle school teacher, I know I'm going to see it at work. I feel like I shouldn't see it when I read emails/blogs/Facebooks statuses. I see the your/you're one a LOT.

    Slow drivers also make me CRAZY. I don't expect people to speed but I do expect them to go at least the speed limit. If not, they should expect to be honked at. (I know--major threat, right?)

  5. I could go on and on about JR but I won't because truly I am so much worse.

  6. I hate the improper use of you're, your, their, there, they're too. What amazes me is that the company I work for (a huge worldwide corporation no less) has huge flat screen TVs set up in each area, broadcasting news, business updates, safety incidences and the like. Obviously, these things are never proof read because they invariably contain the wrong words. Not misspelled words, just the wrong word. As in: "Safety Meeting at 9 AM. Be sure to be their."


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