Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random Tuesday and Other stuff


Keely is doing the Tuesday thing again.  You know, where you can dump your random thoughts so they don't drive you crazy.  Let's see what's roaming around my brain today.

--Was it just me or did the Superbowl Commercials underwhelm this year.  I honestly don't remember any that really stood out.  Maybe it was just me.

--I am so gald Monday is over.  Monday sucked this week.  The moon must have been aligned strangely because a whole lot of weird got dumped on us.  My mom is about ready to go off the deep end again.(She's an undiagnosed manic depressive.)  She's good for a while then some passing comment that she takes wrong will send her into poor me mode, the world hates me, why do I even try.  She dumped on us for a whole lot of crap yesterday.  Love you mom, thanks for sharing.

--The neighbors, whose daughter is in school with Turbo, freaked out on Sunday night, called and got Nick on the phone, told him a bunch of lies about her husband and then expected everything to be hunky dory Monday morning.  We have stepped back and are no longer sharing car pool duties.  We have enough crazy in the family, don't need the drama from neighbors/friends.

--In brighter news, we have COLD temperatures again.  Go mother nature.  I would have liked more snow to go with the cold but no, you had to send the snow to the east. 

--And I'll leave you with some silliness that Nick and I came up with years ago. We were have one of those nonsense conversations and out of nowhere Nick said "You gotta beware those Kung Fu Chickens.  They're sneaky. Cluck Chop!!"  I about died.  Now when we feel the need to lighten the mood or just get a laugh we mention the Kung Fu Chickens.  They're out there I just know it, so watch out for them!

Now head over to Keely's and check out the other randomness on the web today.


  1. It's pretty cold here but, snow is definitely the issue.
    Have a great RTT.

  2. It was cold enough here to wear a jacket to the gym but I'm pretty sure you didn't want to hear that.

    My father in law was manic. OMG! there were times when I wanted to kill him. Just like he suspected.

  3. Ahhh, are Kung Fu chickens like Super Chicken ("You knew this job was dangerous when you took it!")?

    Nice of creepy neighbor to open up to Nick. Maybe you should get a fence soon?

  4. You can have the 10-20 inches we're supposed ot get tonight. I'm over it.


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