Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What I Meant to Say

Chief at (Hiding From the Kids) is hosting What I Meant to Say Wednesday again.  GRab the button and let everyone know what you really meant to say.

What I said:  To Bruiser: Oh poor baby, let Mommy hold you until you get to sleep.
What I meant to say:  Bruiser--Mommy is not a mattress, you need to sleep on your own.  Come on kid, sleep already.

What I said:  To Turbo:  Sit still!
What I meant to say:  Stop the freaking fidgiting!  You are driving me nuts.  Put your but down on the seat and don't move it, you understand english or am I speaking swahili to you?

What I said: to Piper(our cat): leave the dog alone.  I'll pet you.
What I meant to say:  Geez cat, desperate or what?  Macking on the dog will get you nowhere.  He's really not your type. 

What I said:  To Mother Nature:  Snow tomorrow?  Bring it on!
What I meant to say:  Dump on us, please!  Don't be a tease, just let us hae some snow already.  Stop playing favorites with the eastern US and give us some snow already.


  1. My youngest uses me as a mattress too!! Last night, after being in bed for over an hour and a half, I finally went upstairs and had to rock him to sleep.

    He woke twice during the night which also required rocking.

    I hear that I will miss these nighttime rockings at some point in my life. I'm not so sure. ;-)

  2. haha!!! the one to ur cat made me giggle!!!

  3. I want snow too! my fingers are crossed.


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