Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What I Meant to Say

Chief at Hiding from the Kids is hosting What I Meant to Say again this Wednesday.  Grab the button above and play along.

What I said: to the neighbor who asked to borrow our dog for her trip out of town--"I don't think he'd do well with that.

What I meant to say:  "Are you nuts?  You want to take our dog on a road trip with you because you want a dog for company?  That's just crazy and we don't do crazy.  Find someone else who does do crazy and borrow their dog, kay?"

What I said:  to Turbo about an after dinner snack(aka dessert) "Maybe."

What I meant to say:  "If you keep asking there will be no dessert, after dinner snack or anything and you can just toddle your butt to bed, mister.  That's what you get when you go on continual request mode.  Asking every two minutes for your snack does not make Mommy feel all happy and generous.  Just shut it for ten minutes and then you might get something other than a free ticket to your room.

What I said:  "We got a date tonight, honey?"

What I meant to say:  "As soon as the kids are in bed tonight, you and me got a hot appointment together, baby.  Be ready!!"

What I said:  "I don't need much for Valentine's Day this year."

What I meant to say:  "While I don't need grand gestures for Valentine's Day this year, you better make some sort of effort.  Don't completely ignore the day--OK?"


  1. Your neighbor asked to borrow your dog? Who does that?

  2. Ok, the dog thing is just weird. Why would you want to spend time with someone else's dog? Does this person know your dog well?

    I hear you on the continued request thing. If I hear "MM?", "MM, Mama?" one more time, I might explode.

  3. Really? People ask to borrow dogs/ Strange. And why do kids have to ask for the same thing over and over again?

  4. I will admit, I read the first one over and over... looking for the typo.

    Who borrows a dog?

    You can pick up one at the pound for $50 bucks and then return it when yer done (not that Ive done it)

  5. My friend told me that he told his daughter if she asked for dessert again there'd be no dessert. Two minutes later she said - Daddy? I just want to point out to you how good I am NOT asking for dessert!

    I'm with you on "better make SOME effort" for Valentine's day! Have a great day!

  6. Ha! I can relate to all of these, except the dog loan. Funny stuff.

  7. Oh I love the Valentine's day one. I always say that for every occasion and then when my hubby listens (seems this is the only time he does!), I get hurt.

  8. that is so weird.. who asks someone to borrow their dog... uhmm yeah I dont think i would have been able to contain the laughter! lol

  9. My six year old is all about the repeat requests, makes me nuts.

    I wouldn't want to take my own dog on a road trip, much less someone else's.

  10. Borrow a dog? How insane! Your Valentine's Day line sounds similar to the one I used...

  11. I'm reading backwards, so this is making more sense now. Hope hubby reads your blog.


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