Friday, February 19, 2010

Spin Cycle--And I can't live without it

Ok so Jen at Sprite's Keeper gave the Spin Cycle topic this week as that one thing that makes your life easier and that you just couldn't live without. 

This one was tough for me.  I have lots of things that I like using but not one really necessary thing.  So I did some thinking and a few gadgets that I make use of frequently to make things easier on myself are my crock pot, stand mixer and bread machine. 

I know, I know, not real high tech or anything but the crock pot makes dinner a breeze.  Just dump your ingredients in and turn it on and 8 hours later dinner is done, just serve it up.  I will admit, I have three.  A small one for dips and melting chocolate to dip things at Christmas, a medium one that I make soup in, cook chicken and pork in to shred for tacos and tostadas and such, and a large one for whole chickens, roasts and stuff like that.

I use the crock pot at least once a week, sometimes more.  It's nice to come home and smell dinner and know I don't have to cook, it's already done.

I also couldn't do without my stand mixer.  It's a Kitchen Aide.  Makes cookie making so easy.  I need to explore more uses for it but what I have made so far has been yummy. 

I also use my bread machine to make bread and dough.  The dough we use for pizzas and calzones.  We like bread that has lots of flavor so we like to experiment with the bread machine.  It's way cheaper than the artisan breads at the store and tastes better too.

Those are the gadgets that make my dinner making easier.  (Cookie making too.)  However thinking about it I could do without them if I really had to.  But I could not do without my husband.  Nick is my best friend and the love of my life.  He supports me and cheers me on in anything I do.  I didn't tell him I had started blogging right away, afraid he would think it was corny, but when I did tell him he thought it was cool.  He has even bragged to friends about my blog.  I should have given him more credit.  He always has my back.


  1. Oh, I love my crock pot! I agree, it's so nice to have food just cooking away without having to watch over it. I'll admit to being a sally, though. I don't leave it on while I'm out of the house.

    You went the cheesy way, I'm proud of you. I almost put PB as my "I can't live without" but I figured you all know that already;)

  2. Love my crock pot! Isn't it hard to try to pick just one thing we can't live without when we're accustomed to so many things that save us time?! Great spin.

  3. Crockpots rock! I made a Weight Watchers turkey kielbasa soup over the weekend that I just finished today, it was so good and lasted so long!
    Yeah, husbands really do make our world go round. We just don't have to tell them that all the time. Makes their heads big. You're linked!

  4. I have been considering getting a bread machine, I've been experimenting a bit with pizza dough and sweet rolls, and I'm sure that's an appliance I would get some use out of. And everyone else who gets to sample the results...I might have to request one for my birthday.

  5. I agree! All three of those appliances are favorites of mine. When my mom gave me her old Kitchen Aid I was on cloud nine! And the crockpot is so nice to use. I just wish I had more recipes for it.

  6. I would not be able to exist without my garlic press! I use garlic all the time.

    My crock pot is pretty cool though. It sure does come in handy.

  7. I've never had a bread maker, but I totally second the crock pot and KitchenAid sentiments!

    Thanks for the spin!

  8. I like the crock but hardly ever use it. My little sister is way more domestic and has regular "Crock Pot Wednesday" dinners. I'm guessing I'll rely on it more once Baby arrives. Sounds like it's making life easier for others! :D

  9. Ha! Just had to say that my word verification was "vornital" but because the "r" and "n" were so close together, it looked like "vomital." Hehe.

  10. I couldn't chose just one either. I use my crock pot a lot and my stand mixer about once a week. I had to put the bread machine on hold because I love bread too much. I can't be eating a whole loaf every day.

    I'd have to go with my microwave and my dishwasher as the top choices. (Although I *could* live without them if I had to.)

  11. I need to learn to use my crock pot more. I think my life would be easier. I think I'm alergic to baking.


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