Thursday, January 28, 2010

Glamazon is hosting Friday Confessoinals.  If you have that confession that is bugging ou to get out just click the button above and go see her confessions.  The sculpture she has on her deck is worth it.

I confess:
-My dishes are not done.  I only put the plates and cups and utensils in the dishwasher.  The rest I hand wash.

-I wash the tubs when I'm going to take a bath in one of them.

-Commercials confuse me.

-I like to walk on the ice just to see if I'll slip.

-Turbo is trying to drive us crazy.

-I hate my kitchen floor.  When I get a new one I will take better care of it.

-I procrastinate laundry.  I do the clothes every two weeks and do laundry all day.  It works for us.

Go see the other Friday confessions.  Confession is good for the soul or something like that.


Brittney said...

Haha I was the tubs before I take a bath too!! Well I wash them everyday (call it OCD if you will) but I'll clean it again if im about to take a bath!!!

Glamazon said...

Wow, walking on ice just to see if you'll are totally a daredevil! Even when there's NOT ice, I slip. I have a massive lack of coordination.

I hear ya on the laundry AND the dishes. Not fun.

Thanks for playing!

Stacy said...

I HATE dishes. Sometimes I use paper and feel bad for the environment but not bad enough to do dishes.

Tracie said...

Ugh. My dishwasher needs emptied right now. And I feel the same way about my kitchen floor.


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