Friday, January 15, 2010

Spiders, creepy crawlies, and large groups, oh my!

The Spin Cycle this week is fears. I don’t have many but spiders and bugs freak me out. I don’t like anything with more than four legs. The way they move and the way they just appear out of seemingly nowhere. Yuck.

And why do bugs always appear in the tub? It never fails that I go to take a bath and there is a bug or spider big as life in the tub. Full body shake. Ewww!

Nick is a great bug and spider slayer. He knows that when he hears a squawk there is a spider or buggy to get. They get lovely burials at sea (flushed) or fiery ends (if we have the fire going). When he is gone I have to buck up and get rid of them myself. I wield a mean shoe and I’m pretty good with toilet paper mash maneuvers. But I still wince and sometimes scream at the sight of something with more than four legs.

Outside, I’m better but the flying, buzzing bugs make me freak out sometime when they get close to me. It’s awful to see a grown woman shying and running for the house because of a bee or hornet. Even worse when they get inside. Once I was trapped upstairs because there was a hornet in the satirwell. I say better to avoid them than get stung.

I could never live in a part of the country where the bugs get big. Here in Wyoming they don’t have the chance to get really big before they are killed by the cold weather.

I also have a fear of large unfamiliar groups. I don’t do well in public settings where I don’t know people. I’m somewhat shy and, I guess, afraid of making a fool of myself. Also, what if they make fun of me, or just don’t like me? Leftovers from high school I think. I was never popular but really wanted to fit in. I don’t put myself out there where I can get hurt very often. Doing unfamiliar things can bring out the feeling of fear as well. They usually go well but you never know how it’s going to turn out. I’m trying to get better.

I don’t want to let these fears infect my boys. I might have failed on the spider front with Turbo. He dislikes spiders as much as I do. But he likes bugs and caterpillars like any normal boy. My hope is to raise boys that have a healthy respect for the dangers the world holds but that they do not actively fear going out into that world. They have a great role model in Nick. He can walk into any situation and make friends with anyone. It is a skill I envy.


  1. Bugs I can handle, reptiles not so much.

    I don't do well in crowds either. A Saturday at Costco is enough to make me crazy.

  2. I agree bugs freak me out. At one point we lived out in the middle of a wooded area and it was cool outside so I had the windows open and this huge bug (i dont know what kind of freak of nature that thing was) flew in the window and I was running from it. I swear that thing followed me! I ran from the living room to my bedroom and so did that crazy thing, I ended up hiding in my bathroom until my hubby got home b.c I was super freaked out! Just thinking about it gives me the shivers!!! Lol!

  3. Bugs don't bother me - but large crowds make me want to run screaming in the other direction! I really hope my kids take after there Daddy on that one!

    By the way - early on Jan.16th - there will be an award posted on my blog for you!

  4. You don't want to see the palmetto bugs down in Florida. A little bigger than your standard cockroach and they fly. Just as you think you're about to hit it with your shoe, it takes off and lands on your arm. That's why John is sent after every bug and spider. Great Spin! You're linked!

  5. Bugs? Eeeewwwwww. I'm not really afraid of them I just think they are gross. My biggest fear is speaking in front of a crowd. I literally break out in spots.

  6. Snakes freak me out much more than bugs. I don't like spiders either. Or mimes.

  7. I think my biggest downfall is cockroaches. I cannot function when there's one within spotting distance. And the flying ones?! They make my head explode.


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