Monday, January 11, 2010

Something new to try

SupahMommy hosts the All About MEme MOnday. I thought I'd give it a whirl. This weeks topic is your most memorable birthday.

I've had lots of birthdays(well not that many but enough) and not all of them were memorable for anything other than another year had passed. Having a birthday in August sort of wrecked the party idea when I was growing up, so my birthday was always just family. After I got together with Nick there was still no reason to do much for my birthday beyond spend it together if we could. Nick worked construction and was out of town lots on my birthday and when he started the Geology thing, summer was prime field time, so he was often out of town in August. So for years a big party for my birthday just didn't happen. I didn't even really celebrate turning 30. So when it came time to turn 35 I was a bit down cause, I mean 35 is old, I'm not that old yet-no way not me!

Little did I know 35 would be one of my best birthdays ever. Nick organized a surprise birthday for me and had all kinds of people over to celebrate. I knew we were having a couple of friends over but Nick got way more pizza than we needed for the four of us and had a whole cooler of beer as well. The beer was definitely not for me as I was three months pregnant with Bruiser. I began to have suspicions at that point.

Then people began to show up. I was thrilled that he had gone to so much trouble for my birthday. It made turning 35 easier to deal with. I mean it really is just another year, right? This birthday there were lots of people around and it was great fun.

I have a fabulous husband. Sometimes he does the sweetest things. 35 rocked: we got Bruiser, I got a new job and I got to have some great times with friends. So grab the button above and head on over to SupahMommy's and tell all about your best birthday ever.


  1. Hi! I followed you over from MommyBrain!

    I have ALWAYS wanted a surprise party for my birthday.

    I remember being 19 and the whole day had been perfectly set up for a surprise. My friend took me to lunch and then my mom wanted me to go to dinner with her, an early dinner! So, when we were driving home I was practically leaping out of my seat to go in the house. Well, lets just say there wasn't anyone there to leap out and yell "SURPRISE!". I was bummed.

    But, I am ever so glad you had the surprise! Someone should be so lucky!

  2. i have always wanted a surprise bday too! Since i can't seem to get get a great bday i am buying one and for my 40th in 2011 i am having a huge party to celebrate with friends and fam

    btw, my son's bday is august 1 and while i love a summer bday b/c i can have it on his actual bday, i hate it b/c kids from school aren't really part of his every day life, so it makes it hard to find friends to come.

  3. That was so nice of Nick. I've given surprise parties but never have gotten one. JR just doesn't think like that. He does quiet things like bringing me roses on just a ho hum day.

    And, 35? Not old.

  4. Can your husband give my husband a call? He needs some pointers.

  5. I too have always wanted a surprise party! wahhhhhhh * whine

    Thanks for playing!
    come join me tomorrow for post it note tuesday; a whole ton of fun !



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