Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Home imporvement and other stuff


It's Random Tuesday time again! And my mind is just stuffed with thoughts. I need more room in there so here is where I dump them for all to see. Well, here goes.

I got a haircut on Friday. Mostly just a trim, but I got more bangs cut and I think I like it. I'm trying to grow the rest out so I can braid it and get it out of the way when we are camping this summer. The bangs change the look a bit, but I don't look like a twelve year old girl either so I think they work.

Just when I think Bruiser will never sleep the night through with out some serious CIO he gives me a night like last night. He slept from 10:00pm to 5:00am. The kid is seriously messing with me. He does it just to tease me--see Mommy I can do it but just don't want to. Seeing crazy Mommy all night is so much more fun. Night weaning is coming soon, like this weekend. It's gonna be rough but needs to be done.

Oh and any ideas on how to get an eleven month old to drink out of a sippy cup or straw or bottle would be appreciated. After I was home for the Christmas break, Bruiser would not drink out of the bottle anymore. I was pumping but he won't touch the bottle now. He will play with cups but not actually drink out of them. Frustrating much.

Now to the home improvement part of our show. Our kitchen is sort of half remodeled. We put in a concrete counter ourselves and new cabinets in part of the kitchen and the part with the sink is still the original cabinets from when the house was built in 1924. We have modified them some but mostly they are the same. The sink is stainless steel and the faucet is about the third one we have had since moving in.

About six months ago the most recent faucet developed a leak that has steadily gotten worse. I get a shower or the counter gets sprayed all over when I do dishes. So we have been saving for a new faucet and since we want to redo that side of the kitchen we wanted a really nice faucet because we would be reusing it. We mentioned this fact to Nicks folks and they said they had one from when they had built their house 6 years ago. They gave it to us and last night Nick put it in. It worked perfectly. I no longer need rain gear to do dishes. Yeah Nick for being handy around the house like that.

After changing the side of the kitchen that needs it we will be redoing the floor and I can not tell you how excited I will be when the floor that is currently in that kitchen is gone. I hate that floor. I cannot make it look clean no matter how much I mop, scrub or clean it. I have given up on making it look good. I clean it when it needs it but making it look nice is a lost cause. Of course we have not yet decided what we are going to put down for a floor. Nick wants tile but I'm not sure if I want tile or if I want wood. We shall see what the budget will allow.

Well head on over to Keely at the The Unmom and join in the random fun. It'll be a blast I promise.


  1. Don't you hate it when they mess with you. Hope the sleeping through the night thing sticks. When you feed him, eat something while he does and have 2 sippy cups, one for you and one for him. As you both eat, take frequent drinks out of your cup and at the same time, offer him his. Children learn by imitating so eventually, and only when he's ready, he'll begin to drink from his cup. Until then don't stress about it. He'll drink when he get's thirsty enough. I'm following along now!

  2. LG slept through the night only when he went a week of getting up and not being fed. I had PB get up with him so he didn't expect to be fed. Then he would wake up, and PB wouldn't take him out of his crib. He'd get a pat and a kiss and that's all. PB sat in his room until he laid back down to sleep. Took about a week.

    As for the sippy thing, take him on a shopping trip and let him pick his cups out (out of a limited selection). LG was happier when I let him choose his cup, and he went off of the bottle completely.

  3. Sleep, child, sleep! I think it's way worse when they do it occasionally, like you said, just to mess with you.

    MW never took a bottle but has been drinking from a sippy since he was 8mos. I think he just picked it up from Oscar, though.

  4. I need a haircut desperately, although with the cold air blowing through here lately, I think I could use the extra warmth on my head. ;)

    Good luck getting Bruiser to sleep, maybe he'll make that 10 to 5 a regular occurence.

  5. Go for the tile. It is an easy to install homeowner project, it's easy to clean, and if you don't like a dish you just let it slip from your fingers. TaDa! no more dish.


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