Thursday, January 28, 2010

Year one Is over now. Happy Birthday Bruiser!

Bruiser, you are now one (well actually tomorrow but who's counting). One year ago you were ready to meet the world, two whole weeks before your due date, just like your big brother. I was hoping you would wait until February, but you were determined to get on with things. After four short hours of labor there you were. You were one whole pound smaller than your big brother when he was born. (You have made up the size difference and then some.)(To explain the mask, Turbo has a nasty case of the flu when you were born.)

Your personality has come out as you grew. You hated to sleep on your back, you did not want to start solid food, and you really wanted to be big like your brother. You loved snuggling with mom and Grandma, you liked your nugs, and you happily picked up every fuzzy in sight to stick in your mouth. Once you started to get mobile nothing was safe. You started by scooting around on your butt and then figured if you were going backward, just turn around and you will get where you want to go. As soon as you learned to crawl forwards all bets were off. Man you are quick. You love to pull to a stand and see what interesting things might be in your reach—the remote, telephone, Turbo’s toys—all the good stuff you’re not supposed to play with.

Both Mommy and Daddy are happy you have finally figured out nights are for sleeping through, not endless entertainment. I’m happy you are finally eating solid food. Your preference for our food is noted. You are like a little bird at our knees whenever we are putting something in our mouths. You definitely demand your share—loudly! You are giving the dog a complex because we feed you and not him, he’s jealous. You like oatmeal in the morning, yogurt and fruit during the day and whatever you can eat off Mommy’s plate at dinner. We are trying to wean slowly. However you want nothing to do with cups, bottles or sippy cups. You also don’t know how to use a straw. We are working on this one.

Your first tooth did not come until you were seven months old and it was a top tooth.  Yep, you had to be different.  You have fought each and every tooth you have gotten-all seven of them. (I think you are working on number eight right now.)  Your smile is so cute with those pearly white teeth peeking out.

Mommy was thrilled that you waited to walk for the first time until she was home. You then obligingly repeated the performance for Daddy. Now you are taking shaky steps everywhere. Crawling is still your quickest form of transport but I’m sure walking will soon take its place.

You still look like a baby and I love when you snuggle, but the little boy is starting to make his way out of you. Keep growing, Bruiser and keep exploring. You keep Mommy and Daddy young that way. Give your big brother a run for his money, he adores you (and keep growing, something tells me you will need the defense from his affection).

Happy Birthday Bruiser (even if technically it's tomorrow). You are amazing and very loved by everyone.


  1. Aww, happy birthday, Bruiser! VandyJ, at this rate we're going to be clean out of babies before you know it. Sniff.

  2. Happy Birthdday Bruiser! He's a cutie.


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