Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chief over at (Hiding from the kids) has this bloggy carnival to help get you through Wednesday.

What I meant to say lets you get all that annoying stuff off your chest.  You know when you sy the correct thing but want to say the snarky thing.  Anywho here mine for the week.

What I said:  At least the sun is shining.
What I meant to say:  Damn, why is it so cold!  Come on, just snow already!

What I said: Get moving Turbo!
What I meant to say:  Stop screwing around and get with it.  We do the morning thing every day and you should know by now that you need to get a move on so we don't leave you behind.  Move it kid!

What I said:  Don't be up too late, Nick!
What I meant:  Don't be up until God knows when then expect me to get your butt out of bed.


  1. sometimes I feel like the more I yell them to HURRY! they get slower and slower and slower


  2. I agree with chief. My 5 year old has no idea what hurry means. Either that or he's slow just to spite me.

  3. My best friends kid is SSSSSLLLLLOOOOOOWWWW. We carpool. He KILLS me on the days I have to pick him up from school. It takes him forever to get in the car. Drive me insane!!!

  4. lol when I tell my son to hurry he goes as far as to start undressing! Its very hectic around here when I have places to be!


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