Thursday, January 21, 2010

What makes me Happy-An Award!

MamaOtwins+1 of 3 Boys + Hubby = What's Next Gave me an award.

Happy 101 comes with a couple of rules. First I have to list ten things that make me happy. So here goes.
1. An uninterrupted night's sleep. Bruiser and I are still working on this one. We have our good nights and our bad nights. But good sleep makes me happy.
2. Reading a good book, or having the time to read a good trashy romance, which ever.
3. Clean dishes, especially if I had nothing to do with them becoming clean.
4. A long hot soaking bath.
5. A nap in the afternoon.
6. Shopping without small people around. Even more fun with friends.
7. Cooking yummy meals.
8. Hearing my boys, both big and little, laughing and having fun.
9. Scrapbooking memories.
10. Making those memories every day.

Now I have to name ten blogs to pass this award on to. Lets think about this one. OK here are ten blogs that I enjoy visiting.
Leigh vs. Laundry
The Unmom
Sprite's Keeper
Speaking From the Crib
Out Numbered Two to One
The Locals Love It
Stacy's Random Thoughts
Menopausal New Mom

I like visiting the above bloggers regularly. They are all funny and have great posts. Go check them out. And thanks again for the award.


  1. aww, shucks, thanks a bunch :_)

  2. Hey, I'm up there! Super duper. And back at'cha. Also an uninterrupted night's sleep rocks. :)

  3. The great thing about wandering lost in blogeville is that I don'pt recognize a single blog from your list of ten. I like that...


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