Friday, January 8, 2010

Cleaning always not just for spring.

Well this Spin Cycle is a hard one. It’s hard to think of spring when it is 30 below out. I think more of hibernating than cleaning up. Cleaning happens when we have people coming over. I don’t do major spring cleaning as such. We attack the piles that grow with regularity but cleaning happens as needed. When it is warm out (May here) we wash the windows inside and out but that covers the spring cleaning around here.

I’m more of a clean as it needs it kind of girl. I’m getting better—dishes get washed almost daily, vacuuming happens weekly, laundry is done every two weeks, and the bathrooms get cleaned when they need it. I’m awful at doing the cleaning thing. It never made sense to me when my mom made me clean my room, until I had a whole house to keep clean.

I’m lucky that Nick pitches in and helps. I can’t watch him cleaning but he will clean bathrooms, do dishes and do yard work. I don’t take any credit that he does; it was all the work of his mom. He even puts the toilet seat down. How lucky am I?

Every two months or so we wade through Turbo’s room and clean it out, discarding the numerous kid’s meal toys that have accumulated, putting sets back together and generally straightening up. We do have him pick up but that is him piling stuff out of his way mostly. We are working on it.

So, for us, as long as we have people over regularly, the house gets cleaned. Truly, our house looks best when we have company. But we always say that we live in our house so it is never perfect. Good enough for government work is our motto. We aren’t living in a pig sty but we also don’t live in a Martha Stewart picture perfect house either.

As for spring cleaning the closets in our house, well since I have been sporting maternity or nursing shirts for the last year and a half, the clothes in my closet are getting very little use. I am hoping to wean Bruiser soon and get back to that closet of clothes just to see what fits and not terribly out dated.

Nick doesn’t give up clothes until they fall apart, like a typical guy. Going through his closet happens when I am putting away laundry. That’s when I check for wear and tear on his clothes. I throw away the cleanest holey socks.

So, no huge monumental cleaning spree here, just continual chipping away at the accumulating messes and piles of stuff. It works for us.


  1. I go through phases of cleaning. Sometimes I'm manic about it and others I could care less. One thing is for certain...the kitchen sink better be empty and the counters washed. Helps keep me sane.

  2. I'm lucky because Beloved has no problem about doing housework, either - in fact, 99% of the time, he does the laundry.

    Jan from the Sushi Bar

  3. I am with ya on living in your house. There will always be toys in the living room or things out of place because we live here...and when you live with kids you have to learn to live with neverending mess!

  4. I'm like Erin. As long as my counters and sink are clear, I can breathe. Mostly.
    You're linked!

  5. Gah, what is it with the stupid kid's meal toys, it's like they multiply when you aren't looking...even after I promise I'm not going to buy them anymore.

  6. Isn't it nice to have a husband that pitches in? I haven't really done laundry in the last 27 years. JR does it all.


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