Friday, January 22, 2010

Spin Cycle--Everyone has an Opinion

THe spin cycle this week is all about opinions.  Go see Sprite's Keeper for more spins on everyone's opinion.

Opinions—everyone has one or fifty. It makes us interesting people. At least we have the freedom to voice those opinions. Religion, Politics, Abortion, Capital Punishment, Gay Marriage, Parenting styles, discipline styles, oh the list could go on and on about those topics that can set people on edge. I’ll admit I have my own opinion about these topics but that is another post all together.  My take on opinions is that they are necessary for a person to develope into a well rounded person.

Have you ever noticed that you tend to gravitate to those who hold opinions similar to your own? And how much good sense they seem to have because they think the same way you do? Discussions and debate are good for the mind and the soul but being around those who have the same opinions you do makes you far more comfortable. And maybe a tiny bit validated in your opinions.

Nick and I often have discussions (lots of times they happen after a glass of wine or three or four). We tend to agree on most everything so the conversations don’t get really heated. Nick likes to play devil’s advocate and take the opposing side when he gets into discussions with his friends, even if that is not what he truly believes. He says he learns a lot about people that way.

I want to teach my boys that having an opinion is not wrong. Changing that opinion just to fit in is. They need to stand firm on what they believe and knowing the facts behind what they believe will make them feel more comfortable in defending their opinions. In my own opinion, being poorly informed is worse than having opposing opinions.

I have learned that there are some arguments that are not worth having. Agreeing to disagree is not a bad way to keep the peace—especially if it’s with family. My mother is very opinionated and not afraid to let those opinions be heard. I think I learned to be quiet in reaction to the arguments she and my step-father used to have. We don’t bring up certain topics around Nick’s dad because he is also very opinionated. There is just no arguing with him, it’s his way or no way.

Opinions, everyone is entitled to their own. Just don’t go trying to win me over without hearing my side of things. I’ll listen to you if you listen to me. Yelling gets you nowhere and makes you look foolish to boot.


  1. Amen to that! I too think opinions can be stated, but the person giving it out must be able to take it as well. My mom is one of those whose opinion cannot be argued with. I just stop trying. It's not worth it, even when I know she's wrong and want to tell her. You're linked!

  2. Hey, I just came over here from the spin cycle and noticed that you are a geologist. I'm a geologist as well (sort of, right now I'm employed as a soil scientist) and always enjoy finding new people with similar interests (kind of like what you said about people with similar opinions in this post:) I understand not wanting to post too much about work online but I'd love to know more about what kind of work you do.

  3. Well said! Everyone's entitled to their opinions - and sometimes, especially with family, it's good to agree to disagree. :)

    My hubby is like Nick - he'll play devil's advocate and challenge opinions (good naturedly, of course) just to see how set on those opinions people are. ;) Great spin! :)


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