Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Hey, hey, hey, it's Tuesday again.  Head on over to Keely at The Unmom for some random fun.


I hate mornings.  They always come to early and go by to quick to get everything done.  I always feel so rushed getting everyone else up and moving.  Bruiser is easy but time intensive.  Turbo seems to think taking as long as possible to do everything is fun.  I mean really, how can it take him 15 minutes to put on clothes?  I like the mornings when Nick runs cause he gets himself up but the mornings when he doesn't he stays in bed 'til the last second.  Which requires that I bug him to get up repeatedly.  I love being an alarm clock. 

I hate figuring out what to have for dinner.  I don't mind cooking-mostly I enjoy it but figuring out what to have every night is tough.  Nick is often helpful but sometimes he has nothing for me and I'm on my own in the cooking department.  Standing in front of the freezer is not the best way to plan meals. 

In happier news, Bruiser is taking wobbly steps everywhere.  Both Nick and I were thrilled to be home when he took his first steps.  I think it would have killed me to have missed them.  It's not the same to hear about it from my mom.  And I would have never heard the end of it if he'd have walked first for my mom.  Love her to death but she never lets anything go.

Turbo is close to losing his other front tooth.  It's wobbling and wiggling in every direction.  It won't hang in there much longer.  Sigh, the Tooth Fairy is going to have to scrape up some more change soon.

And Bruiser turns one on friday.  No more baby, he is well on his way to toddlerhood.  He still looks like a baby and cuddles like one too so that helps.

Alright, enough random meandering.  Go see Keely and have a random Tuesday.


  1. You know, I meal plan a week in advance. It really helps.

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. I had nearly given up on mornings. Then I decided I was taking control, no one else gets a say anymore. I made a schedule, and if you're not on time, you're on your own. If PB wants to sleep in, he's late to work. His problem, not mine anymore. Our agreement is that I get little o ready, and he gets LG ready. If they're not ready when I have to leave, I take o to school and leave them there staring at our well organized rear ends. That happened once since Jan 1.

  3. I am the worst at planning meals. I can do it one night, maybe two, but a whole week, forget it. I have my go-to meals in a pinch, so I only really have to think about it he other three or four nights. Go-to meals include homemade pizza, chicken nuggets, and/or sandwiches. For some reason, I've been making alot of pizza lately.

    Happy Tuesday.


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