Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh it's Tuesday again

Right, so it's Tuesday and that means it's time to clean the random thoughts from last year up and get started on the new ones. Keely hosts this random extravaganza so head on over to see her for more random fun.

Well for my first thought I will share that our tree still stands in our living room. It is naked-just the prelit lights remain on it. Taking ornaments off of it was as far as I made it yesterday. Nick is doing training and got home late and had a new TV to hook up so the tree still stands-naked- in our living room. It's kind of sad really.

New Year's Eve was tons of fun and a huge gorge fest that started at 3:00pm and finished up at 9:30 pm. We then watched the ball drop in New York and said Happy New Year to each other and promptly went to bed. I know, we have the corner on excitement here. The next day, we did next to nothing and it was great.

We have enough snow that Nick and Turbo went skiing in the park about a block from our house. They both came back cold, but happy.

Turbo finally got to check out his new sled(we got it for him two years ago-bad parents) last week. He sure can cruise down the hill on it. The kid was a trouper about going up the hill, no complaints about the hike or requests for help up. We took Bruiser to watch and he really wanted to play in the snow but since he's not walking yet he would have gotten wet and cold pretty fast if we had let him. Still we had a great day.

Well have a great Tuesday and be thankful it's not Monday.


  1. Yes, Tuesday....ahhh.

    Great photo. Love the b/w element. Too cute.

  2. One year, our tree stayed up nearly until February. In my defense, it was the year I was undergoing cancer treatmetns and I thought I'd run an experiement and see if the teens and hubs would think to take it down on their own. They did not.

  3. Our tree is still up. I leave it up until Little Christmas and we each get another small present. It'll come down this weekend, though. Sigh, I'll miss it.

    Glad you enjoyed your snow!

  4. LOL You make me happy. Well, you make me feel better about myself anyway! I took all the ornaments off our tree and now it stands in the living room with just garland and lights. Apparently I'm just not motivated to move on.

    Thank you! Happy Tuesday!

  5. What a smiley little face. Looks like lots of fun in the snow! We had a quiet New Year's Eve too which has its good points. It was so cold here, I didn't want to go out either. I watched the ball drop too but here is was actually 1:00 am when it happened.

  6. SO happy I didn't put a tree up (went out of town for the holiday) but I for some reason but lights up. I'm thinking about being THAT neighbor that leaves them up all year.

  7. Haha. I undressed my tree then dragged it out to the patio where I left it sitting for my husband to carry to the curb on Thursday. My backyard looks very Christmassy now though.

    We went to bed right after the ball dropped too and even that was a struggle.


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