Monday, January 4, 2010


Turbo lost his left front tooth New Year's Eve day. The Tooth Fairy had to work New Year's Eve. He has a slight whistle when he talks now. The other front tooth is loose and will probably be gone by Valentine's Day. We had to help it come out because the grown up tooth was coming in behind it. Thank goodness for oragel. Nick pulled it out and when it was done Turbo was really excited. The Tooth Fairy was pretty generous with him, cause he was so brave getting it out and all. Started the year off right for Turbo.

Turbo than raided his bank and took his loot and went to the store to get himself a toy. You know, cause the Christmas stuff was old news by now. He got some more Bakugon thingies. I'm not real sure what Bakugon is--I think it a game of some sort but I'm fuzzy on the details. It's really cool for first graders though. He's happy and they keep him occupied.

Turbo is being more helpful around the house and with Nick. He is also a cross country skiing fool. He looks so cute when he skis. We have also turned a corner when it come to board games. Turbo has graciously lost some games recently. No crying, getting mad or yelling because he didn't win. Guys, this is major. This kid hated to lose. Now I'm wondering who swapped him when I wasn't looking. It does make playing games more fun, and makes playing them easier.

Well on to Bruiser. He can stand on his own for up to 30 seconds now. He's letting go and standing all the time, anywhere he happens to be. He waves at us when he feels like it. He is playing with his toys more. He really likes his piano. He gives me mini concerts all the time.

Bruiser is pretty good at feeding himself and prefers our food over baby food. He will taste any food held up to his lips before opening his mouth just to make sure he wants to eat it. It's challenging to make meals with at least one thing he can eat. If we don't, it gets very loud because he yells for his share and he knows if the food comes from us or not. He's also good at spitting out food he doesn't want to eat.

Bruiser can really cover the ground too. Man that kid can crawl. He has radar for the remotes too. He likes to push the buttons then see what the TV does. And he like to attempt to call Timbuktu on the phone(at least you can't call long distance on our land line). And nothing gets in the way of Bruiser when he is on a mission. He will scale us, the dog or any pillows or laundry baskets in his way. He just puts his head down and goes. My shins should be all bruised from his head hitting them when he gets to me. Then he will sit and close his eyes so I will pick him up.

For the whole family we got a 32 inch flat screen TV(should come today-Woot). Ebay is the best. We were down a TV and this gives us back our movie watching ares in our basement. Because of this Nick completely rearranged the family room in our basement. I'm not sure I like it but he is pleased with it and since he spends more time there than I do I'll just let it go.

And so the changes continue around our house. What's changing for all of you?

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