Monday, January 25, 2010

MEme Monday--Dealbreakers

SupahMommy and MommyBrain are hosting All About MEme Monday.  This week is all about dealbreakers.  You know, the one thing that just makes you say no to a relationship, family, friends, in-laws or co-workers.

I have five things that are sure dealbreakers in any situation:
1. Saying something about me behind my back that you wouldn't say to my face.
2. Not listening to my side of the story.  Or just plain not listening to me.
3. Being totally selfish.
4. One-upping me all the time.
5. Criticizing the way I do things, like work, raise my kids, keep my house or deal with family.

My most recent "break-up" was with a girl who had been a great friend but she crossed the line into complete selfishness.  She was single and lots of fun to hang around with.  But by the time of the "break-up" she had become sort of whiny and complaining.  When she accused me of not caring because she had not heard from me in a while I had had enough.  I had a two year old, I was in school and I had a home to keep up with as well.  The phone worked both ways, but she was a little to into herself so the freindship ended.

Back in the days of dating, pre-Nick, (eons ago, or about 17 years now--holy cow that's a long time!) I dated frequently.  Dealbreakers for me then were simple.
1. One guy I almost dated lost out because he couldn't kiss worth a darn.
2. Another guy always complained about being broke, so we never went anywhere but his room in the frat he belonged to.  Complaints about being broke broke the deal for me.
3. Then there was the guy who introduced me to his parents then told me he was not interested in meeting my parents at all--Dealbreaker.

Too bad right now most of my dealbreakers would apply to family.  My mom is the worst one-upper around.  No matter what you say she can go one better.  It can be frustrating talking to her.  She is also good at getting her little digs in--you really should do such and such, or I always do it this way.  Drives me nuts.  However she's my mom and she watches Bruiser.  I bit my tongue and just deal.

Do you ahve any dealbreakers?  Do you have dealbreakers but have to put up with them because it's family? 


  1. My mom is the same way, you can't comment on anything without her showing you how it relates to her and how much worse she has it. It's exhausting.

    It would be a dealbreaker, if it weren't my mom.

  2. Oh my gosh, I am having the friendship drama right NOW! It's so frustrating.

    I too am the lone female in a house full of testosterone. Makes life interesting, huh?


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