Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winter Sports

This weekend Nick arranged for his parents to come and watch both boys so he and I could go cross country skiing. We spent a lovely morning skiing without any small people around. No having to encourage or yell at a small person. It was wonderful.

I have been skiing cross country since I was about 12, off and on. Nick skied in high school for the ski team. We enjoy getting out to the mountains to get fresh air and have fun. We are lucky because great skiing is only 30 minutes or less from town.

Sunday afternoon Nick took Turbo back up to the area we had gone skiing in the morning. They covered almost as much distance as Nick and I had in the morning. Turbo had a sore tush from falling on it so much but he had a ball. Nick said that he did quite well and he hardly complained the whole three hours they were out. Turbo loves to go fast down the hills. He looks so cute on his skis. We are thrilled he enjoys cross country skiing. This is the second year we have rented skis for him and he loves it.

We are holding off showing him downhill skiing cause I don’t think he would like cross country after the thrill of downhill. We are going to set up a snowboard for him but there is a hill he can go down but has to climb first. We want him to work for the thrill (and it’s cheaper to hike the hill.)(Oh a rhyme, go me.)

Anyway we love outdoor sports in the winter. This year we have had enough snow to make skiing fun and easy. We can practically ski in the park a block form our house. Makes getting out there easier. I can’t wait until we can get Bruiser on skis. Family fun that is healthy for all of us. What’s better than that?

We are also looking forward to the Winter Olympics. Watching skiing and snowboarding and skating is fun and Turbo is old enough to root for the Americans so we have fun watching them. Anyone else like their winter sports?


  1. i enjoy the occasional jaunt to sled ride but it must be in the 30s at the very least

  2. I'm a fan of the winter sport knows as drinking spiked hot coco :)

  3. I love cross country skiing but I was a downhill skier myself until it got too expensive. I even taught me kids to ski starting at the age of 3. Now, that I live in Houston I think my skiing days are behind me for a awhile. Houston doesn't seem to be the hot bed of winter skiing. No hills. And no snow. :-(

  4. I love your line: "No having to encourage or yell at a small person." Very funny. I love cross country skiing too but never seem to get to. Maybe this winter. Downhill skiing scares me. I took one bad fall and never did it again.


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