Thursday, January 14, 2010

Letters to Someone

Shortmama at Family of Shorts hosts letters to Someone. It's fun so head on over and link your letters to someone.

Here are my Letters to Someone:

Dear Bruiser,
Mommy is really liking the 10:00pm to 5:00am block of sleep you are letting her get. Let’s keep it up. More sleep makes Mommy sane. Crazy Mommy is no fun for anyone.

Dear Turbo,
You are doing better in school when you know someone is watching. Now you need to act that way all the time ‘cause you never know when you are being watched. Keep in mind other people’s personal space and no more peeking in the girl’s bathroom. (You are only six, that’s not supposed to be on your radar for a few more years.) You have been improving but let’s keep it up.
Love Mommy

Dear Mom,
I really appreciate that you watch Bruiser but you don’t need to keep the empty containers of food you feed him to prove to me that you fed him. I’ll believe you if you just tell me, promise.
Your Daughter

Dear Mother Nature,
The wild temperature swings are driving me crazy. It seems you are a tad unsure what the weather is supposed to be doing. It is winter. Snow is OK, cold is OK, but the -30°F stuff you can keep. I’m also not so sure hitting 50°F was a good idea yesterday. Now we have vast areas of slippery ice everywhere. Thanks so much.

Dear Mailman,
Could you screen the mail and bring only the happy mail. Bills are not so happy. I would prefer the letters, magazines and such that I know are coming from someone over those pesky bills you insist on bringing month after month. If you could help with this it would make my day.
The occupants

Dear Nick,
I love you and all you do. Thanks.


  1. This is fun!! I like your letters, the one about your mom cracked me up :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. LOL I cant believe your boy is peeking in the girls bathroom already! Too funny! -30?? Yikes! Thanks for joining in this week!

  3. Bruiser sounds like he is almost over the hump for this sleep business. It's been a week now? Go Bruiser!!


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