Saturday, January 23, 2010

Toddler in the house

It is official. 
Bruiser walked last night. 
All by himself. 
He's now a toddler. 
How did this happen? 
He's not even a year old yet.
 He turns one next Friday. 
Where did my baby go?

Anyway, Bruiser walked!!


Brittney said...

aww!! congrats on the milestone!! :)

Michele said...

Yay Bruiser! Now, you'll be able to reach all those things that mommy has put JUST out of your reach.

Tracie said...

Go Bruiser! I love those first wobbley baby steps. So cute!

Jenni said...

bye-bye baby! way to go, kiddo!

Mrsbear said...

Aw. Congrats. Let the wild rumpus start!


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