Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Wednesday, and we are still doing staff training for work. It's some kind of fun, but I'm not sure what kind of fun.
On to the We Want To Know questions:

Tell us about your job or daily routine.  I don't tend to talk much about my job here.  It's just something I like to keep kind of separate.  But here goes: My work day starts at 7:30am.  I get to work, turn on my computer and go make myself some tea. Then it's on to database work and screens of oil fields for interested parties. We head home at 3:30 because we sort of skip going to lunch most days. Once home it's direct homework, make dinner and other home type stuff.
Would you rather live in the city or the country?  I'm much more a city girl.  I grew up in the country and I didn't like it much. I like the convenience of living in town.
Do you like to sing in the car, shower, etc? I sing along with the radio in the car. Not so much a shower singer because there's no music to sing with.
Share some things on your bucket list. I'm not sure what's there right now.  For this year it's not looking too good for bucket list things. Visiting national parks west of the Mississippi is a bucket list goal of ours though.
If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be? Conceitedness. People are very self centered these days.  Also stupidity--a lack of common sense is rampant too. If these were abolished things would be generally better.
So how would you answer these questions?
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  1. I agree that people are way too vain. It might help us all be a lot more level-headed.

  2. Doesn't look like much is going to get accomplished off my bucket list this year, either. I just don't have the coin to do most of what I dream of doing. I suppose I could get working on becoming an expert at making something in the kitchen, though! lol!

  3. I like your answers. National parks are something that we would like to see. I would love to do a road trip that would have us on the road for weeks. But I am not sure if we could handle close quarters like that for days on end. But it sure would be fun to find out!

  4. my job routine.. get to work make coffees make copies answer phones play on fb for 9 hours HAHA


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