Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spin Cycle--Tell Me a Tale

Tall tales are the spin cycle topic this week. Truly tall tales have never been huge at our house.  I do have an interesting connection to the Johnny Appleseed tale though.
I spent about 4 years when I was young living in Yuciapa California.  My mom got involved in the Little Theater they had there. I was given several of the child roles when they were available--I played Tiny Tim in the production of A Christmas Carol they put on.  I was also involved in the original production of Johnny Appleseed they produced.

It was a musical.  I remember singing songs and getting to run around as one of the kids of the pioneers.  It was fun.  The production was put on both indoors and outdoors.
There was one scene where the kids come to the kitchen area and steal the potatoes that were being cut up.  Raw potatoes.  Sadly this is where I learned that raw potatoes taste good--at least to me.
One of the last productions we were in was when my baby brother got to play the baby in the cradle.  He slept through most of the production, only to wake when the adults were singing the lullaby to put the kids to sleep.  Because, of course, that's when the baby would wake, right?
So that's my connection to an American tall tale--who actually existed.
What's your favorite tall tale?
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  1. Raw potatoes tasting good? That would be a tall tale in itself for me!

  2. Neat memories to have! I don't know many tall tales, I guess... although a favourite around here is actually a song, called Big Joe Mufferaw. A famous Canadian singer, Stompin' Tom, wrote & performed it, and it's all centered around where I live. People sure love to sing it! ;)

  3. Being in a play is so much fun! I sang in high school musicals, and my sister was one of the children in The Sound of Music when my high school performed it.

  4. Oh please tell me you have a picture of yourself as Tiny Tim! When I was in 7th grade, I did a community theater production of Teahouse of the August Moon, and it's what hooked me on theater for life. Embarrassingly, I was one of several very white children who wore this awful yellow makeup and drew on slanty eyes to play the Okinawan children. Could you imagine that happening nowadays?!

  5. That's a great memory. And I love raw potatoes too, so do my kids. :)

  6. The only good part of peeling potatoes is one gets to steal a bite or two along the way. My husband and son were both in the little community theater productions when we lived in Aurora, MO. Great fun for you to have these memories. I am with Gretchen, pictures, please.


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