Tuesday, February 11, 2014

On Random Teeth and Such

Ahh, Tuesday.  One day better than Monday, one day closer to the weekend. And we get to be random.
  • Last night it happened.  Turbo lost his last baby tooth. One more sign he's growing up.  When did this great big boy replace my baby?  I must have blinked one too many times.
The boy, the man and the tooth.

The final baby tooth.
  • Nick helped encourage it to come out.  Thank goodness for Oragel. Worked like a charm--numb the gum and yank. It really needed to come out, the other tooth is already poking up through the gum. Turbo was scared but brave about the whole thing and the tooth fairy came to visit him one last time.
  • Now we get to wait--Bruiser will start losing teeth some time in the next year. Tooth fairy is not done with us yet. 
  • We have been enjoying the Olympics--we like rooting for who ever is in the lead and seeing great competitions. The winter games are fun to watch too.  They are more artistic and interesting.  Oh, it's fun to watch swimming sprints and such--but really, it's athletes going back and forth in a pool.  Not wildly visually interesting. But snowboarding, skating, skiing, those can be fun and interesting to watch.
  • Valentine's Day is creeping up on us.  We are planning a crab dinner with the boys Friday night. Not wildly romantic, but practical (and yummy). Nick and I will be going to lunch together. I have to sit with the boys and get valentine cards ready to go to school. Turbo's last year to give general cards to everyone in his class.  Bruiser's first year.  
Well, not too random today really.  What do you have going on?


  1. Wow, I wondered when the last of the baby teeth come out. Elliot has only lost 2 so far but his top ones are loose.
    We're going out Saturday night for Vday b/c we have child care but not sure what we have planned. I'd be happy with a local steak place and drinks.

  2. I just tied a string to the tooth and the door handle of the bedroom door and then slammed it. Your way sounds so much more humane. Lol.. I'm watching the Olympics too.. The mens speed skating last night was awesome and the womens skiing. I have no clue what I'll be doing for Valentine's Day. I'll take that surprise. ;) Great post Vandy - as always.

  3. I agree, the Winter games are much more interesting to watch! I always seem more drawn to them than the Summer Olympics. Partly I guess because our athletes are more successful at the Winter Olympics, too. I've been enjoying the bits & pieces of seen for sure!

  4. aww last baby tooth, id cry!
    I havent watched the olympics but Im not big on tv too ADD


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