Monday, February 17, 2014

Busy, but Fun

This last weekend was very busy, but we had a lot of fun, so it all balances out.
Friday, being valentines Day was pretty laid back.  We enjoyed a lunch together and really enjoyed crab legs for dinner with the boys. Nick even spent some time making an appetizer:
Bacon wrapped scallops.
I got a lovely valentine greeting from Wild West Batman:
It was a really good evening.
Saturday, I avoided laundry.  My mom had helped to change over loads, but she kind of messed up the order and mixed some things--so totally not how I do it--so I just avoided it and decided that Sunday was soon enough to deal with it.  And since we had friends in town, it was way more fun to go hang out with them.
We went to dinner at a local chinese place.  This has been such a tradition, the waiters at the restaurant know us and expect us about this time of year. The food was good and the company was wonderful.
We were up far too late on Saturday--we always are catching up, reminiscing, talking and such--so Sunday morning came quicker than we expected.
Breakfast with our friends and picking up Turbo, who spent the night.  Then home to face the laundry, clean house a bit and spend some time gaming out with Bruiser.
We did get  freak thunder/snow storm Sunday evening.  For a time, we couldn't see across the street and there were rumbles of thunder.  It was odd. Thulle, our puppy, did OK with the thunder, it wasn't loud, so we still don't know how he will react to a booming thunder storm.
I finished all the laundry, even the towels are folded and put away. I got all the dishes done.  I vacuumed. The house looks pretty good right now.  Now we will go live in it and it'll need attention next weekend again.  Crazy housework cycle.
How was your weekend?
MMMM freebie week.
I'm going back to music that Nick introduced me too when I met him.  They Might Be Giants album Flood
Birdhouse in Your Soul:
Istanbul not Constantinople:
Particle Man:
Just some short, fun and slightly goofy songs. Have a good Monday!


  1. Happy Monday! Hope your week is great!

  2. These are new to me. Kind of crazy!
    I think I had heard the 2nd one before though but not sure where.

    Have a good week.

  3. Happy Monday! Your weekend - laundry aside - sounded wonderful and we've had thundering with snow too and those are weird. My pup does fine, my sister's 2 pups get a lit'l skiddish. - LOVE the tunes you picked.

  4. LOL They are silly! LOL but I loved it. Change of pace is always good! Thanks for sharing & joining us!

  5. Sounds like your weekend was much better than mine. Hope your week will be better.

    Marvelous Music Monday - Heat Wave

  6. Bacon wrapped scallops! I' d love to sample that.

    Wild west batman is too cute!

    And laundry can be avoided whenever possible :)

    Glad you had a fun weekend. Mine was all about church, choir and football/soccer.

    Thanks for sharing your music. I have not heard them before.
    Aloha :)

  7. Anytime I get to spend it with DH then it's nice. Everyone of your song picks this week are totally new-to-me and so different. Loved having you on the dance floor with the 4M crew on Monday's Music Moves Me!

  8. doesnt it suck to do all that cleaning and then have to turn around and do it all over again


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