Monday, February 10, 2014

Restful Weekend and MMMM

So, after this last weekend, I am facing this week in a more relaxed state of mind--mostly.  We didn't do anything wild and crazy but it was nice.
Friday we took Bruiser in for his five year check-up.  He is healthy and growing, but we do need to deal with his pooping issues.  After an x-ray confirmed that the kid is really backed u, a course of Miralax was prescribed.  There is hope that this will clean him out and then we can figure out how to get him going regularly.  So, possible light at the end of the potty tunnel.
Saturday, there was grocery shopping, skiing, and a visit to some new friends.  Bruiser has a new best friend and the bonus is we get along with the parents.  They have a little boy who is Bruiser's age and a little girl who just turned two. Not exactly Turbo's cup of tea, but he did well playing with them. Dinner was a success and Bruiser fell asleep on the couch when we got home.  Mission accomplished to wear out small kids.
Sunday was a day to just do whatever we wanted.  I played video games with Bruiser.  Nick brewed another batch of beer. The kids did spend some time hanging out with Dad in the garage.  The also got some hang out time in the attic on Saturday.  During the attic time, bruiser discovered the dress up box.  As a result, Spiderman came to visit us.  Spiderman hasn't visited for years. Turbo used to have his alter ego Spiderman visit with some regularity.  Well this weekend Spidey was back:

I feel much safer with Spidey watching things around the house. I'm sure he will make as many appearances as Batman does. Superheros do make life more interesting.
We also watched some of the Olympics.  They have been fun to see so far. Turbo has been enjoying the skiing and now really want to try downhill. and Snowboarding.  We are thinking next winter, if all goes well.
We have a lot on deck for next weekend.  It's time for the annual visit of some very good friends from out of town.  There will be chinese food, good times hanging out, and worn out kids. All of which will make next weekend seem far too short.
There is also Valentines Day on Friday.  Nick and I will be going to lunch and then having dinner with the boys. Trying to coordinate a night out with a sitter and all is not in the cards, especially with the rest of the weekend being so full.
And on that note on to MMMM--the theme is love songs, Good love or broken heart.

Truly, Madly, Deeply by Savage Garden has always been the song I associate with Nick and I.

More Than Words from Extreme was a favorite in High school.

Have a great week!


  1. After all that protection Spiderman gave you this weekend - you must be tuckered out. Great picks for this Monday's Music Moves me blog hop. Make it a great week and here's to a Happy Monday!

  2. Glad your home is well protected! hee hee.

    Love the songs you picked this week. Bring back nice memories of a young love. :)

  3. Oh wow, I haven't heard these in like forever.. sure am luvin listening to them once again! Great pickin's here I'd say! You totally ROCK!

  4. Glad the week is begun more relaxing and Bruiser was diagnosed. I hope soon he can be regular again.

    Skiing! Wow. My hubs keep wanting to take us one day.

    I love when the kids make new friends ;)

    I like that idea of a dress up box. I think my kids would love one.

    And I've always loved Savage Garden!

  5. great minds think alike we choose the same band i love savage garden they have some of the best songs ever


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