Thursday, February 6, 2014

Spin Cycle--Speaking Football

Football terms really have snuck into our everyday terminology.  They really apply to parenting.  Fumble, Hail Mary Pass, Game Plan, Run Interference, Time out. Yep, these can describe a football game or parenting.
In fact raising kids is much like a football game.  A lot of times it feels like an us vs. them sort of situation.  I love my boys but there are times when they seem to be acting like completely foreign entities. Nick and I have to present a united front--those kids can spot weakness from a mile away.  and they capitalize on it so fast.
Nick and I often have huddle moments so we stay on the same page with rules or a course of action.  It was nice when Turbo was little and couldn't spell.  We could have a conversation in front of him by spelling certain things out.  Not so much now.  Now conversations like that require retreating to the basement or our bedroom for a quick chat, or we discuss things in the car on the way to work. Anything to keep an upper hand.
We try to avoid Hail Mary Passes--those can be intercepted by the kids far too often.  For a Hail Mary Pass to be effective the receiver has to be in tune with the passer. Nick and I try to stay in tune, but it's not easy. Better to avoid situations where you need a Hail Mary Pass.
Time outs make us better parents.  That is why we try to take time for just us--where we can carve it out. Dates are wonderful, but a trip to the store without kids can be just as nice sometimes. It really is the little things that keep us connected and aware of the fact that we are not just Mom and Dad. 
Time outs for the kids are more disciplinary than they are for us parents. Often a time out will bring them back form the edge or boundary they are pushing. it gives them time to calm down and reset.  We don't use it as our go to form of punishment.  We are more diabolical than that.  There always chores to do and privileges to take away--especially for Turbo.  It hits him particularly hard when video games are taken away.
Nick knows exactly what I mean when I say we need a game plan for an up-coming event or weekend.  The whole thing runs far more smoothy if we are on the same page and know what is supposed to happen. We aren't rigid planners by any means but having a plan means less frustration and missed intentions.
We often say we are running interference with the kids so one or the other of us can relax, finish something, or work with the other kid.  This is particularly important at dinner time--which often is homework time as well. If Nick can distract Bruiser so I can make dinner and help Turbo with homework, the evening proceeds smoother and no one ends up frustrated.
Yep, football terms really do describe parenting pretty well.  A winning game is turning out a functioning adult.  the game might run long, but the results are so worth it.

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  1. Great spin! You know, when I made that list of football terms I wasn't even thinking about how much they related to parenting, but you are so right! It's funny, I was once talking to a friend with three kids, and I asked him if it was much harder with 3 than it had been with 2. His answer was that the only real change was that he and his wife had to switch from man-on-man to zone defense. So perfect!

    Thanks for joining in the fun!

  2. Wonderful post and so on target!

  3. EXCELLENT spin! Loved it! TOUCH DOWN!:D

  4. My husband and I are about to have a time out tomorrow night! We have a babysitter and reservations at a steakhouse we've wanted to try. It will definitely make us better parents!

    Great Spin, as usual!

  5. I so agree parenting can be summed up in four quarters of football. Birth, early years, teenagers and the 2 minute warning. Great spin.

  6. I love your Spin on this! You are so right, football terms do describe parenting well. I laughed because I totally know where you are coming from with this!


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