Monday, March 3, 2014

So, Weekend and MMMM

Blinking, not recommended when you actually want to enjoy something.  Cause I blinked and there went the weekend. It was good, just far too short.
After the long week Nick and had last week, we really wanted to relax on Friday night.  I made green chicken enchiladas (a bit hotter than intended, I grabbed the hot version of the green chili enchilada sauce). There was minimal protest on dinner, after I scraped most of the sauce off the boys portion. A few TABs (Tasty Adult Beverages) and I got a start on the laundry. We really know how to rock a Friday night, huh?
Saturday dawned with snow and very slick roads.  This killed our plans of going out of town, so we hung out at home, Nick took the boys swimming and I dealt with the laundry. Homemade Mac and cheese for dinner, still trying to have easy to chew foods for Turbo, who was still adjusting to his bottom braces.
We did do something else on Friday.  We have been trying to reduce bills and AT&T, who we have our phones with, had a deal that would save us money. Turbo has also been lobbying for a cell phone of his own.  He actually put together a very good argument for one as part of an assignment for school. We relented and got him a cell phone.  Not a smart phone, but a flip phone that he can call and text with. He was over the moon excited about it.
Sunday we were able to escape our little town and get out on the road.  We headed to the new Cabelas store south of us in Denver.  We weren't that impressed, but it was a fun trip.  The kids got to help feed the fish. We stopped at an archery shop to get Turbo some arrows for his new bow.  We also got a late lunch at a brew pub/restaurant called Coopersmiths. Amazing thing, the boys were hungry enough that they ate their meals with a minimum of cajoling and urging from us.  I love it when meals are eaten without tons of drama.
Once we got home, it was all about finishing the laundry, roasting a chicken, and getting ready for this next week. I could have used another day--to catch up on sleep, if nothing else. Although I probably would have read for most of it, given the choice.

MMMM is freebie this week.  Wondering what I feel like this week...

So, since it has been 21 years since I met Nick--as of last Wednesday--let's go back to 1993 and what I was listening to then.

Ace of Base, All That She Wants:

Aerosmith, Livin' On the Edge:

Meatloaf, I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)

These are the songs I remember listening to back in college.  Oh so long ago.


  1. Lovin' the music! I have not heard Ace of Base in a long time!!!
    You are right about one thing, this weekends just disappeared!

    PS>Liking your new Spring-y looking blog!

  2. Glad you had a good weekend. When it's fun it does fly pass and when it's a burner, it drags on.

    Ooh you have some of my very favorite songs here!

    I remember listening to these over and over and again!

    Thanks for rocking!
    Have a blessed week!

  3. OH YEAH! I haven't heard Meatloaf like in forever and definitely a favorite as is Aerosmith. Great tunes. Thanks for sharing & joining us today! ROCK ON MY FRIEND!

  4. Ah the music sent me straight back to high school. Hope you have a great week

  5. Weekends just need to be longer!!! Love your music choice. I grew up on that music, brings back some great memories :)


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