Monday, March 10, 2014

So Fast and MMMM

This weekend went by so fast.  It was a great weekend. We accomplished quite a bit, but it was over far to quickly.
Saturday I decided that our DVD situation needed to be addressed.  Nick had taken down some shelves that had been holding most of our movies.  The ended up in two packing boxes.  It's hard to look for a movie to watch when digging through a box. So I Got some DVD crates and organized the lot of them.
The result:
Nick built a shelf to go on top and they are now accessible and look good to boot. Score one for mom.
Not to be outdone by my spurt of organization, Nick got the traditional bows organized too.  He built a hanger and a shelf for the arrows.

Spring cleaning/organizing is happening.  It's got to get lots warmer for lots longer before any outside stuff happens.  We currently have a nasty glacier in our back yard. Makes for muddy paws when it gets warm enough to thaw a bit back there.  Therefore the dogs got baths last night too.
Squeaky clean.
Nick and I did get a night out together sans kiddos.  The overnight was a huge success. Nick and I even went to breakfast together.  It was wonderful.

Now on to MMMM.  This week's Theme is British invasion. These are some of the bands that I loved in high school.  All British.

Eurythmics Sweet Dreams:

UB40 Red Red Wine:

Escape Club Wild Wild West:

Join in with your own favorite British invasion bands.


  1. Ahh I love spring cleaning and organizing! I feel like I become such a packrat during the winter

  2. I hate cleaning full stop LOL, the shelves look good

    Good choices UB40 old favourites of mine Eurythmics were ace :-)

    Have a spotlesstastic week ;-)

  3. I am so, so ready for spring! Your shelves look great and yay for time with the hubs sans the kiddos. Those are great times. Our snow is all but gone up here on the mtn. We still have a few piles here n' there but it's mostly on the peaks, and of course, it's a muddy mess below. All dogs are in the bathtub these days. I love your music choices. Great tunes Miss VandyJ. Happy Monday!

  4. I always enjoy US40's Red Red Wine,and the wild wild west was fun as well.

  5. Can I borrow you husband to build me a book shelf? I am seriously lacking!

    Loved your picks today...these bring me back to my high school days!

  6. Fun songs that I hadn't heard in awhile. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I wish the Spring Cleaning bug would bite me. I have so much that needs organized. The DVD's look great and more functional too I imagine!

  8. Your Nick is so creative!
    Loan him here ;)

    Thanks for sharing your tunes.
    Sorry I'm late. Been so crazy here at home and still going!
    Happy weekend!


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