Monday, March 24, 2014

Aww, Monday

Here we are at another Monday.  Poor Monday, so disliked, so inevitable.  After the weekend I had, I'm almost glad for Monday--although I'd have taken another day off, especially if it came with beach time. Beach time is not much of a possibility, but we did get a bit of sunshine this weekend.
Due to spring break, Nick and I took Friday off to spend with the boys.  There was some swimming done, some banana bread made adn then we introduced the boys to Wayne's World.  They both enjoyed it.
Saturday Nick and Turbo had an archery shoot that they had to be at early. It was a 3D indoor shoot at a local roping arena. Turbo came in 3rd in his group, Nick was 8th in his group. Turbo had fun and the shoot went off well. Bruiser spent the morning with Papa and Nana.  I got to grocery shop on my own and get my swap package in the mail. It snowed off and on all day Saturday.  Just enough to make going outside not so fun. Turbo did have some fun with Thullee though:

Sunday Nick had to go clean up from the shoot, so it was the boy and me at home.  I cleaned the aquarium, changed sheets on both boys' beds, vacuumed, cleaned the upstairs bathroom and got ribs ready for the grill.
The guys hung out outside enjoying the chilly sunshine.

Even the dogs got to enjoy some time outside, although since Thullee is still a flight risk, he gets to be on a lease or in the back yard.
All in all, I feel like I accomplished a lot this weekend.  Nick did say he appreciates all I do--that was really nice.  I appreciate all he does too.

MMMM is a freebie week, so here are few I have been enjoying recently:

Thompson Square, Everything I shouldn't Be Thinking About:

Kacey Musgraves, Follow Your Arrow:

Miranda Lambert, Mama's Broken Heart:

So what are you listening to?


  1. All good songs! I had a hectic weekend but productive as well.

  2. These are all different. Not much of a country fan, but music is music, and I'm totally into it. Thanks for sharing your selection.

  3. Wow you had quite a weekend with the family!

    It's such a blessing when we hear such loving words from our love ones. sometimes we/they think it but don't say it. Hearing it is awesome.

    Thanks for the tunes.

    Enjoy the week.

  4. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! Our dryer broke last week so we purchased a new one saturday and I spent the rest of the evening doing about 10 loads of babe did take me to see a movie though so not too bad :)

  5. Gr8 chronological of your weekend events. Ours was pretty bland. We just kept indoors because of the rainy weather. I'm so ready to get outdoors to enjoy some blue skies and sunshine. Lovin' all of your freebie picks this week. Have a tunetastic week!


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