Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Random Tuesday

And Monday is over for the week.  Too bad it will be back for a repeat engagement next week.  Anywho, let's get all random:
  • Nick and I finally get a kid free night and the kids aren't going to the grandparent's house.  Bruiser has done so well with the potty stuff that he has gotten an overnight at the cousins' house.  To say there is excitement on all sides is an understatement.
  • Our weather has been a bit nuts lately.  We have a lot of ice around right now. Ice that has built up all winter. warm temps melt it during the day, but at night it freezes again. Makes walking interesting.
  • We should get more snow tonight--not much, but white stuff will fall from the sky.  This will be normal until the end of April.  Spring is a long way off.
  • Mardi Gras tonight.  We don't do much for it, but we are going to try to take the boys swimming. Activity keeps us from biting each other's heads off.
  • Bruiser has been feeling better.  He has also been more ornery. He truly is a more normal boy since we got his insides working right. The nonstop kid is even more nonstop now.
Well that covers random for now.  Have a good week everyone!


  1. Yay for kid-free nights!

  2. We're really icy here too (in MI). Tried to go for a walk on my break today at work and it was interesting since some spots were super icy!

    Yay for a kid free night!! Are you guys going to do anything or just enjoy the quiet?

  3. ew keep that snow and ice im MORE than ready for some nice southern warm weather

  4. Spring seems to be a long way off here too... we got another little dumping on the weekend, and it just makes the snowbanks seem so much higher. I was just thinking this morning how two years ago, my mom & I ate lunch on her patio on March 19th and it was +20 Celcius (abnormally warm, green grass, etc) - probably NOT gonna be so lucky this year!!

  5. I said this morning that I thought it was just going to snow all Summer. I don't think Spring is ever coming!!!


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