Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spin Cycle--St. Paddy's Day

So, are you feeling just a bit Irish?  Doesn't everyone feel a bit Irish for the 17 of March? Nick has just a smidgen of Irish in his background, somewhere back in the mists.  We don't do St. Patrick's Day huge, but we try to have Corned Beef and Cabbage, maybe, if I'm feeling all bakery, Irish Soda Bread. This meal was met with protests from the kiddos when they were little, but they are beginning to appreciate it. 
Nick and I have had some memorable St. Patrick's Days. There was last year on Fremont St. in Las Vegas, where poor Bruiser tossed his cookies.
Pre Cookie tossing.
 The one where we got to go out with friends.  We got much bling that night. Budweiser bling, but getting free t shirts and beads is always fun.  Green beer was consumed and adult fun was had.
I have on occasion produced green scrambled eggs.  Turbo made a leprechaun trap one year.
This year, we are on Spring Break again.  Nick and I took Monday off and will be home for St. Paddy's Day.  We will be making our traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage, I'm going to make a stab at Soda Bread, We may get all crazy and make green eggs, the milk may get dyed green, Who knows, some luck may fall on the boys and something else fun may happen.  We just don't know yet.

Do you have a more interesting St. Patrick's Day story? Spin it up and link it up with Gretchen and Ginny Marie, they would love to have you!
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  1. Ive never really celebrated it even though I do have quite a bit of irish in me. Sounds like lots of fun at your place though :D

  2. As I get older, St. Paddy's Day doesn't seem to be nearly as exciting as it was when I was young - I so looked forward to dressing up in crazy green clothes with my friends and getting all kinds of rowdy at the legendary St. Pat's party at our local bar. I think your way of celebrating sounds much more appealing now ;) I'm planning to do much of the same - make an Irish meal of some sort, and help out at the Irish Tea at our church. The wild days are definitely over! haha!

  3. Green beer? That sounds ehmm... nice? Or was it just coloured and did it taste exactly as normal beer?

    In the Netherlands we don't celebrate St Patrick's Day. We go all orange though on April 30th/27th (not quite sure now, the Queen abdicated and now we have a King). Now, where's my orange hat??

  4. Other than what little we did in secondary schools, there were few Irish celebrations in my life. That is till I joined an adult women's sorority. Every year we have a St. Patty's meal with all the fixin's. We play a few games afterward with the partners supplying sufficient blarney to hold till the next year!
    Love what you do with your family.

  5. I'd like to make soda bread this year, too! I'm not sure I'll have time; the 17th is coming up fast! But I will buy corned beef and make on Monday.

    Thanks for linking up this week!

  6. I remember that cookie tossing episode, poor guy. Jude always makes leprechaun traps every year, and they get super creative - I hope he hasn't outgrown them!


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